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Judy Hayes

Brother AX-550 Word Processing Typewriter

I am trying to use the above typewriter without an instruction manual. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to set the margins. Any help, thank you, Judy Hayes, Oak Grove United Methodist Church
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Judy Hayes

I need information on a brother ax-550 typewriter. I cannot

figure out how to set the margins. There is no manuel.

Please reply. Judy Hayes, Oak Grove UMC

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Mara Dilmore

I cannot figure out how to set the margins at a longer setting.Right now it is set at line 1 and pitch 10. I should be able to use 12 and 15 as well. Would you please e-mail me instructions on how to cahnge the margins to the higher settings. Thank You Mara Dilmore
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David Gouker

I need the manual for a Brother AX-24 Electric Typewriter.

The serial number for the machine that I have is: D96660923.

This typewriter was given to me as a friendly gesture and the person didn't have a manual.

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I want to upgrade the memory in my AX 550 Brother Typewriter. I know you can replace the memory because in the service manual under trouble shooting ( when memory does not back up replace ram).

If not, what model can I upgraded the AX 550 too, keeping the same shell/body so I can get more memory?

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im tring to set margins for the swintec 4040
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shamshad babu


please send me the instruction manual for brother AX- 410. We dont have it yet.

yours faithfully,

shamshad babu

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Thank author of this post/commentMy typewriter was working fine yesterday and now suddenly it wont type onto paper.It appears as though it is typing or word processing but there is nothing there i dont know how to fix it because I don't have the manual. Please help.
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Nancy Flanagan

I own an AX-550 and need to know how to reset, maybe, the daisy wheel sot that It will type the words that I am pressing on the keyboard.
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Tom Gray

I am trying to use the above typewriter without a manual. I can not figure out how to set the right margin at a longer scale. Can you please help? Right now I am getting line 1 pitch 10 but I need more. The right margin is set at 58 but I need it higher.
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Donna Mulder

I was given a $500 word processor but don't know how to run it. The model # is wp-2400; & serial# J16347146. Can you send me an instructiion manual for it?
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Wolters Carine

I am using the typewriter Brother AX-410 without a manual. I need to change the margins, can you send me an instruction manual please ?
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Tina Hood

Need Instruction Manual for AX-550
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if you open the ink cartage is it broken. can you still fix it?
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lyndon macqueen

my brother AX550 typewriter does not print. It can process but cant print. Could you please tell me why? and what should I do to correct it...

The daisy wheel has been properly set and I have a new ribbon installed.

Thanks for your help... appreciate it.

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Marcus Gillins

I have Brother word processing typewriter AX-625 no MANAUL CAN YOU PLS. HELP ME NO WAY TO SET MARGIN
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Atlantis, Bermuda Triangle
Thank author of this post/commentI have an AX-550 typewriter and I have been unable to set the margins at all. Seriously, I've tried everything and I could swear its impossible or something. I have pushed every button that looked even remotely useful and tried every possible combination of buttons involving the margin buttons that I can think of and I have had no success. Can someone PLEASE help me with this? It would be greatly appreciated.
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I could not change the language in English

PLease send me Electronic Typewriter User Manual for AX-410.

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JW Griffin


I need an instruction/owner's manual for a Brother AX 550 word-processing typewriter. Please let me know where I can find one. Thank you.
Thank author of this post/comment"comment #16"

1. Move the carrier to the place you want to set the L. Margin by using the space bar or the backspace key. If you need to move outside the current L. Margin, press ALT + the Margin Release key (Number "3" key.)

2. Press ALT + the L. Margin key (Number "4" key. The L. Margin is now set.

Right Margin:

1. Same as #1 above.

2. Press ALT + the R. Margin key (Number "5" key). The R. Margin is now set

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Joe Tierney

"office manager"

I need an instruction for the brother AX550 typewriter.
Reply # 21

Cheryl Harlow

"Customer Representative"

I need a manuel for a brother EM-430 typewriter.
Reply # 22

Bill Charon

"SMSgt U.S. Air Force (Retired)"

I have a Brother AX-625 Word Processing Typewriter but I need an instruction manual. Can you help me? Please do!!!
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    Instruction Manuals 'Brother AX-550 Word Processing Typewriter'
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