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Sewell H. Grissett

mod. 1250 sentry safe combination CHANGE?

Hello Guy and Gals,

I need instructions regarding changing the combin-

ation of the Sentry Model 1250 safe..PLEASE

HELP if you can.. I have a theft problem here

at my home..

Please advise via E-Mail, ,


Sewell H. Grissett

1099 Bill Futch Road

Lot 4

Black Creek, Georgia


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panorama city
Thank author of this post/commenti have a sentry safe.

i know the keypad combination.

i want to change it.

please share your method with me if you can.

thank you,


I came to this page looking for an instruction manual for a Sentry Model 1250 with rotary dial, but there are no manual links.

I need to change the combo since it is written down in too many places in this house and I need it to actually be "safe" again.

For those who have combos and wanted to know how to open them, if you have a 3 number combo like mine, here's how:

Rotate several full turns to the left to clear it.

Stop on your first number while rotating left.

Rotate right, past the first number and stop at the second.

Rotate left to the third number and turn the handle.

I know some locks/safes can have their combo changed while open and holding the handle open. My dial still does not turn when I do this so I imagine that is not the way to change the combo.



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Judy Simard

I need to change my combination on my Rona digital keypad lock it has the hole on the back but I don't know what to do from there. Could please help I need to change asap roommate has moved out

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Fran Osborne

I need to change the combination on my sentry safe 1250 immediately. Please send me an instrucion manual.
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Linda Olson

I lost the combination to my Sentry 1250 safe and need instructions on how to change the combination.

Help! Please advise by e-mail.



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tom varga

I need to change the combo on my lock I have the current combo but I would loke to change it I have a digital keypad and I have no idea how to ghet my model # ???? but I am, pretty sure that they are all the same ....
have a senrty safe model 1250 have cobination but cant get it opened can u help?
Need to change the combo to my sentry s0210. I have to combination, I just want to change it.
Thank author of this post/comment"sentry safe model 1250"

How do I change the combination to my safe? I have the origanol combo I just need to change it. I seem to have a problem with theft in my own home!!! Any help you could give me would be great! Thanks, Tammy
"sentry safe home / fire"

i have 1250 sentry safe and the dial is broke can you help me safe is about 15yr old
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erik Morgan Howes


need to change dial combo on 1250 sentry safe.
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    Instruction Manuals 'mod. 1250 sentry safe combination CHANGE?'
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