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Donald Schroeder

Lost combination

Lost combination to Sentry 1250 safe serial #012401
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Does anyone know the try-out combinations to a "Reliable Safe And Lock Company Safe" out of Covington Kentucky. The safe was made in the years of 1916-1940. If anyone has any info, please help. Thank You!
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Fros Calivitis

Hi there. We have a "mini" wall safe at home (its states mini on the combination area), but my father was the only one who knew the combination. He passed away 6 years ago. We would like to know what combination the "mini" wall safes could possibly be as we would like to use the safe. Can you help or can you give me an e-mail address that maybe could?
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Mason Zelazny

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Dan Lawless

I have an EP Industries safe, Model #500, serial #47602044. Does anyone have the try out codes? I cannot find any information on EP Industries. Can anyone help in any way? Any suggestions?



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Chris Rainville


I have a safe which reads The reliable safe & lock Co.

Covington, Ky.

My mother passed away and I don't have to combinations

Could someone help me out.

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ismael esquivel

i dont remember the combination the sentry s3871 seraial. ag-599469
Thank author of this post/commentHi,

I seem to have misplaced the combination to my safe. It is a Major Safe Co. Serial 3816 and model T425. Class T-20 and No. 87099. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I just bought a used Major Safe Co. safe on craigslist. I didn't pay much because it is closed, locked, and without a combination. Before calling a locksmith, I was hoping to use some try-outs. Does anyone have a list of try-outs for a Major Safe? Thank you.

Ser. 34594

Mod. w 798


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Duane Eggen

My father passed away, he has a Sentry Valueguard 1250...Z085124 I do not know the combination, could anyone help? Or do I have to take it to a locksmith?
Thank author of this post/commentI lost the combo to my gun safe. Model# G2215 Ser# G539584...can anyone help so I can get my weapons out of the safe? THX
Thank author of this post/comment"Reliable Lock & Safe Co. Inc., Covington, KY"

I have seen a few posts regarding safes from the Reliable Lock & Safe Co. I recently purchased one, locked and without combination. Has anyone had any success opening these safes, without damaging the safe? I found this info on another website (See Link):

I do have one series of combinations that you can try, if these don't work, then you will need to contact a local safe company.

4 times left to 42,

3 times right to 88,

2 times left to 99,

1 time right slowly to 22.

If this doesn't work try adding 5 numbers to each number in the combination until 20 sets have been tried.

If the driver wheel number is not 22, you can determine the drive wheel number by putting slight pressure on the handle and turning the dial until you feel the driver gate.

It did not work for me, but honestly, I am not sure if I did it correctly. Any input would be appreciated, as I have not seen any responses to the previous posts.



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    Lost Keys and Combinations 'Lost combination'
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