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I have the keys for the Brinks Floor Safe but I am not able to open the safe. The combination lock was never moved and only the key was used for opening the safe. The tumbler has been moved and I need the combination number. I misplaced the manual which has the number.
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David Linkletter

"Home Owner"

I have a Brinks Safe Model #5059, I don't remember the combination but I have the key. Serial #99167944. Any help would be apperciated to open the safe.
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Joe Wasielewski


I have the keys for the Brinks floor safe but I am not able to use the safe. The manuel has been misplaced. The combination lock was never used only the key was used for opening the safe. I need the combination to the tumbler. Here is the S#5055002897 and the M#5541. Please e-mail me the combination #.

Thank you

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Gary Hardin

"Lost combanation"

I lost my combanation for my lock. All i know is that on the back it says Pat. Des. 418, 392. Is there enough info to help me retrieve the combanation? Help would be great. Thanks.
Thank author of this post/comment"safe combination"

I have lost, or misplaced the combination to my safe. Model # 5054--can I get the combination?

Need a phone number so i can order a key for my safe i have lost it.
"Lost key"

I lost my key but have the combination. The model #5080 007671. The lock has 1122 on it. Can you help?
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steve #93


have two brinks safe no keys or combination

#1 model #5059, ser #99085388, #on key tumbler 3231

#2 serial #99143237, #on key tumbler 3702



Like many of the posters on this forum I too have lost my keys to my Brinks Home Firesafe Model #5118D. Brinks home safes were manufactured by Sisco Products through an arrangement with Honeywell. Sisco no longer exists. After countless searches I called First Alert since one of their safes closely resembles my Brinks model.

I spoke with their Consumer Affairs person who told me they can provide me with an override key to my safe. You will need to send a notarized letter attesting that you are the owner of the safe and provide them with the key number (or the numbers on the lock cylinder), the model number and serial number. Send them a check for $10.5 and they will send you the key.

The phone number for First Alert Consumer Affairs is 800-323-9005.

I hope this helps.

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Michael Ryan


T hope you can help me.I have a fire safe and never did this before . I lost the booklet and no I need to find the combination.Please help
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amy edwards

"brink safe"

I have brinks safe and the battery went deadb for the keypad and lost the keys my important credtials are in the safe help please
Thank author of this post/comment"Model 5059"

I have my key but can't find the combination. Serial: 2003009522 key: 5279 please help.
Thank author of this post/comment"lost combination"

ive lost my combination and need 2 find out how 2 recover it some how.its brinks floor safe model 5059, key num 3248, and there num on the tag on the front is 2000 40220.i bought it about 13 yrs ago and i have just moved and misplaced the combination.if there is a num i can call plz let me know.there is sumthing i have in it that i need 2 get out bad.plz email me at, with any info on how 2 recover my combination.thank you so much
Thank author of this post/comment"Lost Combination"

How do I get the combination for my Brink's Mod 5059, Ser 2002091271?


Thank author of this post/comment"LOST YOUR COMBINATION???"



Listen up. Brinks gave me this number to call-First Alert.


Follow the prompts. It works. I got my combination the same day!!

Good Luck. Just do it!

Thank author of this post/comment"combination"

I am looking for the combination to my Brinks Home Security Safe. The model #5054 34620 I would appreciate any help.
Thank author of this post/comment"turn sequence to get into safe"

I need the turn sequence to get into my safe. I have not been in it for several years and can't remember the sequence.
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Thank author of this post/comment"model 5059 safe "

I have a safe model 5059 and do not have the key are the combination.
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Southern US
Thank author of this post/comment"Home Owner"

I bought a Brinks 5059 small home safe many years ago. I moved and lost the combination. The serial number is 2002033435; the key is number 3209. Can you help me with the combination to this safe?


Thank author of this post/comment"lost combination"

HELP I have lost my combination to my Brinks Model #5054 Serial #058529 safe. Can anyone help me?
Thank author of this post/comment"lost combo"

lost my combo too brinks firesafe Model# 5190/5195 key# 3233, sn# 2002150547 thanks!
Thank author of this post/comment"LOOKING FOR RESPONSE"

Thank author of this post/comment"Did you lose the combination to your Brink's safe?"

Many people are struggling with the issue of a lost combination to a personal or business safe.

Perhaps you hid your combination thinking you wouldn't have to find it in a pinch, and then couldn't remember where you hid it. Maybe you never put it away at all and just lost it for good.

There is hope for safe owners that have lost their way into their safe. Here is an article that outlines the steps you must take to retrieve your lost combination.

Thank author of this post/comment"help with safe"

i forgot the combination to my brinks home security safe the model is 5061/5060/1060 and the number on the right hand bottom of the safe is 99194268
Thank author of this post/comment"5054 "

I was given a 5054 safe and the key number on the key plate is 5412 can you help me with both of these issuses asap..leaving town and will not be near a computer..thank you


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where you're not
Thank author of this post/comment"idiots"

I read these posts just out of curiosity (and maybe some info on these Brinks safes). This message is for every person that posted requests for how to open your safe because you locked your combo AND/OR keys in your safe, or had the combo entered except for the last number and the dial got moved and you forgot the other numbers. Basically all of you. This happened because you are Lazy and Stupid.
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 283 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Brinks Safe archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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