"lost combination"

I just bought a foreclosure home and the safe did not come with a combination.

Brinks Home Security

Digital Electronic Safe

Anti Theft Safe

Serial Number: 05.04C1A


"from Alaska"

I have a 5074 I have the Key however the key isn't working and the batteries are dead. I don't know how to get in. I'm gonna start drilling soon. please help. I don't know how long it takes I might start drilling before I hear from you.

Thank you please do respond


"lost combo"

i lost my brinks fire safe combo safe# 5054 serial # 144843 key# 1434 please help thanx
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Lois Seaman

"Brinks Home Security-Sisco 5054"

Combination was accidently locked in my safe.Since I do not know the combanation I need help. Numbers on the side of the safe model number 5054 are 148943.
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Mr. Henry


i have a brinks case hard padlock an not remember the code. it has on the front ring casehard and on the dial brinks and on the back Pat.Des. 418, 392
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Rickey Clarkson


A friend gave me his old home safe. It is a brinks digital electronic safe model 5072 but he could not remember the combination Is there any way to get inside. It is also a anti theft safe with numbers on the front lower right corner 22-0205a
"lost safe key ,"

lost key to safe and never usrd the key pad to lock it was wondering if i could get a new key . model #5054d serial number 013750
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Tonny Ton


I have my keys but have lost my combination Model #5059. Please help, also please send me the manual. Thanks

I have a Brinks model No.5080 serial 004201 and need the combination.

Can you provide it?

Thank you

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Chris Acker


I WOULD LIKE TO RETRIEVE MY COMBINATION FOR MY FIRE SAFE WITHIN MY HOME. MY SAFE MODEL #5059, AND SERIAL #99096547. COULD YOU PLEASE SEND ME MY COMBINATION BY PHONE #740-816-1724 or email me the combination. THANK YOU in advance for your kind assistance.
Reply #185

hc miller

"brinks fire safe"

I have a Brinks Fire Safe with key & combination. I have used the combination before without trouble. Now I have tried to open it over 20 times with no success. It does not turn smoothly, it seems like the tunblers or something are messed up. I need to open it. Please advise what I should do. Thank you.
"safe 5059"

We have the keys to safe modle 5059 serial number 2003019108 but lost the combo. Could you please help us open it. Thanks
"Misplaced my key"

I moved and have misplaced my keys. Please let me know where and how I may get another key Modle#5054. Thank you for your time.
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Vancouver, Washington
Thank author of this post/comment"Lost Combination"

I have lost my combination to my Brinks Safe Serial Number # 99196188. Thank you very much.
"need duplicate safe key"

I have tried to get my safe key duplicated so that I would have a spare. Every locksmith I have been to has not been able to do this for me. How can I get the spare made? My model is: JIS S 1037 5190. I don't see a serial number....would it possibly be on the back of the safe?
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abdul elassaad


i lost the combination to my safe can you please email it to me

safe modle is 5054

serial # 126590.

thank you

"I have the keys but lost the combination."

I have the Brinks firesafe safe. the serial # is 5059 062974. Can you please email me the combination.
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Karen D. Sherman

"Brinks Home Security Safe"

I have the key, but have misplaced the combination to my home safe. the model # 5056 serial # is 2002045095! could you please send my e-mail address!! Thank You
"lost combo to brinks combination lock # 418,392"

Hi, I lost my combo for a brinks combination lock number 418, 392 and in front of that it says Pat Des. If you could please send me a combo or how to reset it something because I cant get it open. thank you!
"lost combination to lock"

i have three combination locks pat. des.418, 392 china
Reply #195

Adam M. Palmeno

"lost combination"

please e-mail me my combination # modle #5054 purchased @ k-mart in key west fl. thank you.

Adam M. Palmeno


Reply #196

Jim Remsburg

"owner Brinks Firesafe Model 5054"

Help, please! Ihave lost the combination to my safe. What else do you need from me to send me the default combination. I never set up a combination of my own; I just used the key to open the safe. Somehow the tumbler knob got scrambled and now my key won't unlock the door. BTW, the manual is locked away in the safe. Thanks in advance for your time in this matter

Jim Remsburg


i had lost my keys to my security box #4030 is there anyway i can get another set sent to me...thank you
"brinks security safe 5055"

During my move i misplaced the combination to my safe, I have the keys just need the combination & manual.

Please help!


Reply #199

Scott E. Lynn

"Lost combination"

I missed placed the combination to my Brinks Home Security Safe model #5054 serial # 103469. Please help. Thanks
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