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David Cepik

Hello recently i lost the packet with my safe number on it. i have no idea what to do to get into it so i was surfing the web and found this website. I am just going to follow what everyone else did and tell you that my model number is V330 and the serial number is V290819. If you can do anything to help me that would be great if not could you at least point me in the right direction. thank you very much i appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

David Cepik

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tra tate

forgot combination for sentry safe model ds0207
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michael fuller

i can not remember the combinatio for my sentry model s0110 serial number aj888133
Thank author of this post/commentDo you actually read what is being said on here? Sentinal, Chubb or any other safe company will not give you a combination over the internet.

You will have to contact them either via their webpage or e-mail and let them know what has happened.

If you don't do either of those you can just chuck your safe in the garbage because that's how useless it is to you or anyone else who isn't a safe cracker.

Thank author of this post/commentI thought that the combination to my Sentry 2260 safe was so simple that I locked it inside the safe with all of the safe paperwork (and nothing else!) Now being the brilliant guy that I am, I need to use the safe for someting, and I cannot remember the combination.

Can anyone help?

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New York City
Thank author of this post/commentMy first choice to open a safe would be dynamite... lots of fun, but the fire department will probably not be happy with you.

So, you might try a psychic. If that fails, you could always follow the instructions that someone has posted here about a million times!

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Cloud nine above the sky
Thank author of this post/commentHi there , I have the electrical combination sentry safe and I kinda well I forgot the combination , well the model is 1640 and the license number is E082858 i hope u guys can help me out.


These comments are pure genius.
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Dustin James

I bought a Sentry A3550 safe from a store that was being

liquidated(closing) in my area and they didnt have the code or

manuel.The door is open, but is there any way to re-program

and get new code? Any help would be great. Thanks.

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ernesto torres

i bought a antique safe at a antique store but doesent have the combo can you help me? its a [major] brand it reads major safe co inc, LA calif, serial # 163127, thank you sgt torres disabled vietnam vet
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i lost the combination 2 my safe. its a sentry #s are S0310 & AY342194*. THX 4 UR HELP GUYS !
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I Bought A Sentry A 3810 Combination + Key Lock Safe. I Forgot The Combination. I Have The Key But Sentry Requires 12 Dollars For The Default Combination. Please If Anyone Could Help. Thanks
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luis garcia

hi there i have the combination to my sentry safe and i kinda well i forgot the combination, well the model is ms0100, and the license number aw491133* the combination is 36-05-74 or 49-11-33 no remember hope u guys can help me out.thanks
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Thank author of this post/commentHI Everyone

I see some of u need directions on how to open sentry safes combination lock. please view our secure site with opening and programing instructions at our website. The basic procedure goes like this 3 times left to the first number. Two times right to the second number. 1 time right to the last number. then turn the key or push down the handle.

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Keith Richards

i have a major brand safe from California. model 171718 serial 238073 combination 50-75-30. what is the sequence for opening the unit is it left right left, or right left, how many times do i pass the 75? the guy who sold it to me showed me it worked and wrote it down but then i tried and no soap. also the handle it broken, is there away to put on a new handle lever? thanks
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I have a safe that just says Federal Equipment Co. on it. any1 know the combination? please help family heirlooms inside.
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Kevin McCann

I'm having a problem opening my safe. I'm been using the same password for at least 100 times and now I can't get it to open. Any idea's!!


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I am unable to find the combo for my Sentry S0100, #AE-997288. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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Joanne Deynes

Lost my combination but I have the key. I need to open it as soon as possible. Model S0409 number AF793604
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Tom Wortman

I have a Major Safe that is open, is there any way to get the combination or do I have to have the combination reset? The numbers are: serial # 97826. Model # HH5E
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Brett Kushner

Got a Sentry Safe from a liquidating store. AW-508553. I have no code, and Sentry refuses to give me one since it was purchased from a liquidating store. It's an electronic and key lock, we have the keys, just no codes!
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scott spanier

I lost combo for fire sofe 1250

need help

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lost combo for sentry s3877 safe can u please help

Reply #48

Thanh Tran

I lost my keys and combination please help me!

My safe is S3310 and serial number is AK985499

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mike schreier

forgot combination sentry safe i have last # 41. model # is A3159 Z-502893*
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    Lost Keys and Combinations 'Forgot the combination too safe'
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