Lost Combination to Sentry Valueguard 1330 Safe

Thank author of this post/commentI have lost the combination to my Sentry Valueguard 1330 Safe. The serial number is 1573998. Could you email that to me please?
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I was given a safe and I have the combination but I am unable to use the combination successfully. Could you possibly give me directions? The serial number 1660787. Thank You.
i lost my combination to my sentry 1330 value safe. the serial number is 1576355 could u please find the combination for me? thank you.
We have lost our combination number to our sentury valueguard 1330 serial #1744728. Is there any way that you can help us?

Thank you so much if you can,

Jason Angalet

hello ive had my senrty safe for 5years with no use seeing as ive lost the combination...if any1 could help me that be very much appreciated the ID is =1428521

thank you!

"Lost combination to 1330 safe"

I have a sentry valueguard 1330 safe. I have the combination. But can't remember the sequence to get safe open. Could someone help me open the safe.

lost the combination to my 1330 serial number 1682526 please help
Thank author of this post/comment"BROTHER"

Reply # 27

Wilkesboro, NC
Thank author of this post/comment"Lost Combination to Sentry Valueguard safe"

I have lost the combination to my safe. Its a Sentry Valueguard Model 1330 Serial# 1637852. Could someone please assist me in opening the safe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Harry Kolka

"Lost Combination"

We lost the combination to our sentry valueguard 1330 safe and was wondering how we would go about getting the combination. Thank you for your time and attention in this matter. Harry
Reply # 29

Rachael Ball

"AP / AR"

I have a sentry guard 1330 that we got from our old warehouse. The combination was written down once upon a time. The only problem is...they don't have the combination anymore & today when I was cleaning it off, I locked it shut! Could you help me with this issue please? The serial number or the number on the outside by the hinge is 1634164. Thank you!
"Lost of the Combination"

Need Help with the combination...

Company: Sentry Value guard

Model: 1330

Serial #: 1580975

Please help with this locker...quick as possible...Thank you very much in advanced...

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Bill Roberts

"need combo"

I have a safe from my dads estate. No combination. Sentry Valueguard 1330.

Class 350 Serial # C215921

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Paul & Jean Lange


Lost combination to the safe serial num D-006063
Reply # 33

Monica Aguayo

"dont remember combination number"

Its been over 3 mos since i last opened my safe and i dont remember the combination. Its a sentry valueguard 1330 serial #1574687 hope you can help me, thanks. Monica
"Lost combo to safe 1330"

Can you please email me the combo to thesafe with the serial number 1673412. Thanks!
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Gary DeBolt

"Lost combination"

Moved and safe got locked on sentryvalue guard 1250 #z04152. Need the combination! thank you Gary
Reply # 36

Nicholas Eggen

"Lost combination to Sentry Valueguard 1330"

We lost the combination to the safe, and we have valuables in there. Serial #510879
Thank author of this post/comment"Administration"

Purchased safe many years ago and don't know combination. Serial #1403178.

Please help!

"Change combination"

How do I change the combination to my Sentry 1330 safe?
"lost combination"

sentiry valueguard 1330 ser.1682243
Reply # 40

camden lee

"Lost combintation"

my grandpa passed away and we dont know the pass to the safe he left us, the serial number is 1697288, thanks for you time and help!
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R. Donald Brink

"Lost combonation and don't know where to find serial number"

I have a Sentry Value Guard 1330 safe, but doen's know where to find the serial number and have lost the combination. Can you please help?
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Marilyn Brink

"Lost combo to sentry value 1330 safe "

I can't remember the combo to my safe and don't know where to locate the serial number .
Thank author of this post/comment"sentury value guard floor safe. "

I have a sentury floor safe and do not know the combo, if anyone can help me crack this thing that would be great. S/N:P097044
Thank author of this post/comment"Same issue as everyone else"

I have the serial number what is the combo?
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 44 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Lost Combination to Sentry Valueguard 1330 Safe archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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    Lost Keys and Combinations 'Lost Combination to Sentry Valueguard 1330 Safe'
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