Lost combination to Montgomery Ward/ Meilink safe

Lost the combo I have the serial # S-87723. Please help

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June Bunn

I am in need of a contact # for a Safe that I need to change the combination on. Can you please advise or end me instructions on how to do this?

Thank you,

June W. Bunn


Fax # 336-716-0071

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Rick Althoff

Lost combination to Montgomery Ward combination safe,

#B76-94170. Can you supply the number for me? thank you.

Joanne Cavazos

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Shelton Cotten

I have an safe my grandmother left me when she died. I need an combination to get the safe open. The safe bout over 30yrs old.
Please Help!!!! Me and my 83 yr old grandma have the combo i just dont understand the number of turns 6 to right 3 to left and back to # then 1/2?????
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Barry Wilson

I lost my combination to my little fire safe, serial #925105



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Don Stamp

I have a Meilink safe and the combination number sequence (ex: 23 L (4X) 18 R (3x) 21 L 2(2x) but no other instructions regarding opening/closing the safe (it's empty). The door is currently open. I need some information on what the R-ight (4X's) etc. means.
"Lost combo to Montgomery Ward safe"

We lost our combo to our Montgomery ward safe, and instructions to open it, can you help us. The model #9042, snA788852. Would appreciate it, thanks.
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"meilink safe"

i do not no the com. to my safe
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scott s


i forgot combo and lost keys how do i open my meilink safe...

serial number 96-5206

model 251sl

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Evanston, IL
Thank author of this post/comment"Lost combination Meilink Safe"

Lost the combination to a Meilink safe SN A517580. Any help appreciated.


Thank author of this post/comment"Lost combination"

lost combination for montgomery wards safe 9041
Thank author of this post/comment"Lost combination"

How do I got about finding the combination to Meilink Safe article # 9034? Any help would be appreciated.
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kumara marupudi


I have a safe lost combination. safe is Meilink 82-85097.

Please help me.


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"Need HELP"

Lost combo to Montgomery Ward/ Meilink safe my dad gave it to me when he passed my wallet was recently misplaced and all my imoportant docs are in the safe didnt memorize combo PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

Model # 9041

Serial # B80-82099

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"engineer a"

Please inform me how to open a closed safe vault or a company/person to be contacted that could open a safe cash vault.

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Danny Willard


Purchased a Montgomery ward safe at a sale and don't have combo. Model 9041 Serial # 80-32086. Door is open but locked. How do I find or change combination? Thanks for any help!
Thank author of this post/comment"lost combo"

Recently was given a Meilink safe and need help getting the combination. Safe serial #78-89494 size:26 3/4 x 19 x 19 1/4 Would appreciate all the help you can give.
Thank author of this post/comment"Lost Combination"

I have lost the combination to my safe, Meilink model#1 serial #72-83358 Please send it to me, Thank you Dale
Thank author of this post/comment"Need Combination For Safe"

My grandmother passed away and left a safe without the combination. Is there a way to provide this combo to me? The brand is Meilink's Home Deposit Vault and it looks as if the serial number is 3-6141. Any help you could provide would be very much appreciated. I can be reached via email at destined4fame1@aol.com
Thank author of this post/comment"Lost combo"

I also lost the combination to a Montgomery Ward safe Model#: 9017 Serial#: B78- 73040 Thank you for your help!
Thank author of this post/comment"Lost Combo"

I have an old Meilink safe that I lost the combonation to. What is the procedure to recover the combonation?
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New Jersey
Thank author of this post/comment"Lost safe combo"

Lost Montgermy Ward safe combination called company who said they bought out Montgumery War but they do not have access to original factory combos. Anyone have any suggestions on getting the combo?
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Thank author of this post/comment"Lost combination"

I have a Montgomery Ward safe Model # 9042 S/N 80-69874 and have lost the

combination. Any information on opening the safe would be appreciated.

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    Lost Keys and Combinations 'Lost combination to Montgomery Ward/ Meilink safe'
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