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Rick Hawley

Mosler Safe

How can I find a list of Mosler Safe Combinations. I do know that Mr. Mosler Passed a way in 2003. That the Company sold out to Hall and somebody.

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Have a mosler safe and are wondering how many combinations they did on rights and lefts. Standard 4 times to left and then 3 times to right and then back 2 times to left. The tumbler is S&G manufacturer. It also has 2 red lines on dial. One is straight up and then the other red line is about 1/2 inch to left of the center red line. Not sure which red line do we use. thanks
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Sandra Zambrano

"Alternate Test control officer"

request quoatation for 2 drawer safe combination file, letter size
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harry j. knopp


last year i purchased a farm with a very old farm house, inside i found a large safe with a unknown combination lock before i scrape the safe i centainly would like to see its contentents, the safe measures 36 inches wide 20 inches high and27inches deep the serial number is 20813-800 could you please tell me how i might open this safe?you my call me at 724-689-9085 thank you, harry knopp

My late uncle had a safe that we have no clue how to get into. The handle has the numbers 303463 which by brother thinks is a Mosler number. The safe is very old and heavy. Is this a Mosler and if so can we find the combination somewhere to keep this intact for the estate sale.
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Lynn Thrasher

"need combination"

Acquired a Mosler Safe that is open but with no combination. The tag on the inside has cat. no.1115. Spec.F1-D. 1Y-33382. The tag on the outside of the door has no.113146. The dial has the no. 444 758 on it. Can you help me with the combination or how to enter a new combination.
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"Early 1900 Mosler safe no combination"

I have a early 1900 Mosler safe with no combination that I am trying to sell. I was wondering if there is an easy way to get the combination? and also if you knew a good price to get for this thing.

I saw almost the exact same safe on an antique dealers website for $2400 but the most I have been offered is $500, and the guy never showed to pick it up.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.


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"Mosler safe not opening"

i have a mosler safe. The Safe category number is 1612CL. And there is another number on it which reads 1Y211201.

The inside door was not turned properly to align with the two red mark and the combination circle was moved. Hence what has happened is that the door does not open and the combination lock has stuck between 0-10. can someone give me a solution to get this thing open

Thank author of this post/comment"Kimmy"

Thank you Liz!

Your helped me to open my old & empty little safe. I bought it with a good bargain because the seller didn't know the combination to open it. I called a Lock Smith and was told that it would be very expensive for them to open it.

FinaI went on line to search for a solution and found Liz's message. I tried and voila, I openned my old safe.

Now I'm going to look for a way to reset the combination.

Again, thank you very much.


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Pat Burke

"Office Manager"

We have a older Mosler 4 drawer (525 pound) GSA approved safe. During the move, the safe was closed inadverntly. The combination was locked inside. We need a source to help us open this safe.

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Anna Marie

"Can't open safe"

Please, somebody help. My husband passed away, and I cannot get into the Mosler safe. I put in the conmbination and turned till it stopped and I could not turn anymore, but it won't open and there is no handle on safe to pull on. It is a small safe Model 11, Serial no. 24076-65.........

and I know there has never been a handle on it, what am I doing wrong.

Thank author of this post/comment"Mosler Safe Support "

Diebold has taken over support for all Mosler safes since the Bankruptcy of Mosler in 2001. thier link is below look under retail and support for #
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Tom Drummond

"Mosler - I know the combo, but it still wont open"

I am having a problem where I know the combo, but we still cant open the safe. We are dialing it Left, stop on the 4th turn, right, stop on the 3rd and right, stop on the 2nd time around. Over the past month, it was taking me additional tries to get it open, but now it will not. Any suggestions.
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jeff levasseur

"un-opened safe"

i have a large safe with an inner safe and drawers that we cannot open.

it has the acorns on the hinges and is about 5 feet high 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep with steel wheels

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James B

"Older Mosler safe - don't know the combination"

Had an older Mosley safe passed on to me but not the combination. Is it possible to find it? The serial is 16487-50. Besides the measurements that's all I know.

Looked into having a locksmith come out but it's over $100 and don't want to put the money into it. Any help appreciated.

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aundretta sherrod

"estate excutrix"

I recently found a key , looks like safety deposit key with number , how

can I find out if box still exist.

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ernesto torres

"disabled vietnam vet"

i bought a old mosler safe at the recycling metal center and the safe is closed i did manage to get to the inside plate, that says model no.# cl-5-mp. serial # 5140570, date mfgd.9-85., can you get me a serial #, for it, thanks sgt torres disabled vietnam vet
"Mission Support"

Have a Mosler sn: 1524218; lock is a MAS-Hamilton Elec Dial lost combo
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julie Gaspard

"owner The Cumberland Investment Group"

I have a moslertiethat i need to get the combination to. the last patient
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Todd Hurley

"Mosler Safe hidden in bedroom dresser"

My father recently passed and has tried to communicate the combination to his safe in his bedroom dresser in the past few days before going to his heavenly home. The safe is Mosler. It looks like a tan metal box behind to small dresser draws. On the front top says Mosler underneath the Mosler signia has 5 round push buttons side by side in a row. To the far right of the 5 buttons is a horizontal 1 inch lever. After pushing the last button in sequence the lever supposedly gets pushed down to the left at the same time. But I cannot figure it out. Can someone help me. I recently emailed Mosler but have not received a response yet.

Thank you for any assistance!!!

Todd Hurley

"lost combo"

i have a great mosler safe from the thirties i neeed the combo. Is there a record for combonations by serial no. going back that far?
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anthony p demarco

"retired / former owner of upstate safe and lock,rochester ny"

I am 75 years old retired. old friend who owns a small super market oiled his old diebold/mosler round door tribolt.I was thrilled when he called for help to open. after 2 hours i opened it. the lock is round with a spring push dial. took it complety apart, took it home to clean. 2 weeks later i still cant put it back together right.any help will be fantastic. dident call my old partner, embrassed? thanks for any help, will purchase a print.
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Michael Barks

"School Support Tech"

mosler two drawer serial number 1250146

safe is locked. combination lost. need combination

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Somewhere in Utah
Thank author of this post/comment"Need a key for a Mosler BP-800 "

I have a mosler safe that I bought at a yard sale. The guy I bought it from had opened the safe and had the bolt sticking out so it wouldn't close on him. I decided to buy the safe. He showed me where the combination was on the inside of the door. He attempted to close it and tried several times but the bolt would not go back in. He had no key with it. I bought it any way thinking I could get it to close later but to no avail. I'm looking for a key to change the combination or advice on how I can close this with the existing combination. It is a small safe model BP-800 No. 760165
Thank author of this post/comment"Mosler BP-800"

Wow, I have not heard of the old Mosler BP-800 since I worked for an old Doctor in the county. Even night he would lock up his scrip pad and any little thing in it, and leave lots of money in the desk. Strange old Country Doctor.

He was addicted to watching Star Trek too. The first generation, over and over, in between patients.

Thank author of this post/comment"Mosler Safe"

The couple next door have a Mosler Safe - can you tell me the combination to their safe? I know it would be a hoot to take out their stuff and just leave a note that it is under their bed. That is where I keep my hockey card collection.

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 107 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Mosler Safe archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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