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Whatsup guys girls, Im a locksmith whos got a custemer that lost his safe combo can ya help me out model S3510 serial#af-014542* thanks I think
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peggy pike

i have a sentry safe but have no combination for it as it was got at a yard sale the numbers on it are 83110 AL708651 is there anyone who may be able to give me a combo for it.thanks. peggy
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Palm Beach Gardens, Fl
Thank author of this post/commentI purchased a Sentry 2236 Safe at an auction. Serial number 4302193 now I just need to figure out how to open it. Anyone out there have any helpful hints????I'm sooo curious
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El Paso, Texas
Thank author of this post/commentMy favorite method of opening a safe is a little bit dangerous, but a whole lot of fun: dynamite!

Not sure what the problem with the answer in #19? Why does everyone ignore that guy that seems to be posting that information till he is blue in the face?

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wallace king

forgot the combination to my sentry so207 /AH-941681
Reply #30

Ronald Dabecco

hello everyone i have a sentry safe model s3510 i have been using it for almost a year and i went to go open the safe and it will not allow me to open it now any ideas on how i can open my safe thank for anyones help
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I lost my keys to my safe can i get another

thanks marie

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customer service

lost your keys. just note your model # and the serial ( on paper tag near hinge) or key #(on lock) please check out selecting 1 set keys and then enter your key and serial #s in the additional info - comments section on the check oput page

lost your sentry safe combination. just note your model # and the serial ( on paper tag near hinge) or under handle. Please check out selecting 1 set combination and then enter your model # and serial #s in the additional information / comments section on the check out page. then call us toll free the next day and we will give you the sentry safe lost combination

hi i recentli bought a sentry 1110 safe at an action and it han no key so i need a key please thank you
Thank author of this post/commentI lost my combination to my S3110 safe can someone help me open it last # is 89
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i need help i lost my combination and i cant get my safe open.

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Beverly Williams

I have lost my keys to my home Sentry safe. No. on outside is 1170. How can I get another set of keys? I have important papers in it and will need them soon. Thanks for your help. Beverly
Reply #38

william richter

i need my combination to safe a3867-al169221 please email the

combo thanks

Reply #39

mike monaghan

hey guys,

I bought a Sentry so-207 small safe a few years ago. The thing is i have not used it for a long time and i forgot the combination. I have the model number that is by the hinges, it reads ag-87773*. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out..

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how do you change a combination? model 1250
Reply #42

marilyn bell

i have a sentry safe with key and combination. i have the key but need the combination, can someone help me.

Reply #43

Pedro Roman

I lost my conbination to my sentri S3110 can somoone send the combination
hi -- we lost our combination to our safe ...the model # is A3867
Reply #45

Josh F

I recently found a safe in a condemned house i was helping to clean. The safe is believed to be empty, but in good shape. It is a Sentry Model 1200 with the S/N 1931760. I would like to find out the combination to this so that i may use it to store my valuables. Sentry was of no help since i dont have proof of ownership and or registration. I have heard about combination lock try-out codes that they set as a default lock code. Does anyone know how to get these codes, the exact code, or even how to crack the safe without damaging the locking mechanism/ integrity of the safe?
Reply #46

Josh F

For some reason it didnt post my email with my message above. If you know how to help me please message me at Thx!
Reply #47

John Jackson

i was given a sentry safe without the combination.... the serial numbers wore off.... does anyone know any bacsic reseting combination to at least get in to slose and open... thank you!
Reply #48

Randall H. Case

Dear Sirs;

I purchased a used safe from Dave's Wholesale on "C" St. in Chula Vista, Calif. about

a week ago. Serial No. 965881 * and need the combination and a key. They

suggested that I get in touch with you. I hope that you can help me with this


R. H. Case

4324 Lynnwood Dr.

Chula Vista, CA 91910

Reply #49

Yaron Karmon

my division have a 1635 safe

serial probably or not E137435

any one can help me ?

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