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Mike Ketchmark

Sentry Safe Combinations

I had my safe in storage for a couple months and forgot the combination. How can I get this information from you? My Reference number is 1819179A. Thanks M.E. Ketchmark
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Barbara Greve


Ooops! Cannot find my key anywhere. Model # S3910. Key #2075. Suggestions please. Barbara Greve
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hank kaplan


I have an electronic lock & key lock safe and nothing I do will open the safe. The yellow LED low battery light is not blinking so I guess the battery is OK. What should I do?
"Lost combination"

09/30/2010 I sent to fax lost combination or security key notarized form but nothing to me

If you need my credit card Please call or sent to me e-mail


i have lose the numbers to the safe what do i need to get them i have model and ss numbers
"Lost combination"

Lost my eletronic combination, have key. # found on outside of door

AT-119268* can you send it to my e-mail please?

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Don Reid


Lost the comb. to my Sentery safe


a02 128241

what do i have to do to get the thing open.

Thank you

Don Reid

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bought a sentry safe at a sale they saidthe papers were inside safe.was open kids shut do i get combination.

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ramon cruz

"caja sentry"

hola soy de mexico tengo una caja fuerte sentry mod v530 serie: v522155 y elmanual esta adentro segun yo tengola clave pero le he intentado mucha veces y nada tal vez es la combinacion o elorden de las vueltas por favor ayudenme


ramon cruz 29/10710

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Joseph Shields

"lOST combination"

I forgot ny combination TO SENTRY 1250 CN 3023665 THANKS
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joseph shields

"lost combination"

lost combination please help
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Marivel Garcia


We have lost the combination of the safe. The serial number is U201459 it is a Sentry V330 model. We bought it at Costco Mexico. Can you help us provide a combination for it. We have important papers we need out of there. Please can you help us. Thanks

Phone number 686-552-2701 Mexicali, BC Mexico

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Erlinda Castro

"lost combination"

I have an older model Sentry S0310. It is a dual lock (combination & key). Please provide me with the combination as I have lost it. I have the key. Serial number is G-402095*. Can you send me the combination through email?? Thank you.
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kendall dowell


Dear sentrysafe co.,

I've not used my safe in quite a while and can't even find the keys.

please help me as soon as possible.

kendall dowell 256/206/1441

Do feel free to call me at the above phone number ANY time.

I wasnt sure if you needed the serial # but I shall enclose it

in hopes that this matter will be take care of very soon.

Sincerely, Kendall Dowell

safe serial #x075ac2693010808

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alice springer


I lost my combination to my sentry safe . I cant find it any where. so i need to you send or how ever the combination to (1330 ) SAFE. I WILL FILL OUT FORM IF I COULD COPY OFF THE WEB SITE. BUT IT WONT LET ME SO EMAIL ME ON WHAT TO DO THANK YOU ALICE SPRINGER
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Doug Sutton


Just got a new model SO310, found the combintation & went through it & the handle come down, it was unlocked with the key also. But the door still won, t open. Is ther anything I am supposed to do?


I do have the same problem, I lost the manual and forgot the combination, how can I get a new combination, the safe is open and in the inside it hase this number AS521041, this might be the serial number.

I bought it in mexico

"sentry safe fire-safe"

I have been storing my safe in a storage locker and i have forgottn the combination. The serial number is AY 453613 model number is r4132
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Juan Carlos

"Lost Code"

such a good afternoon

SentrySafe I have a serial number is AW-888 235 *

I can send if there is a code administration




I have the ket but lost the combination to the safe that I purchased in 2002. Older model V 530. there are no serial number on the safe . please help. thanks
"Service Writer"

I have a sentry safe that the keypad combo has been misplaced but I do have keys. Is there anything special I have to do to get the safe open with the key?
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"broken handle on safe "

i accidenly broke my handle on my safe while trying to figure out how to open it i had just bought it today at home depot today can i take it back and gwt a replacement or what can i do thanks jerrid
Thank author of this post/comment"1980's Safe Combination #"

Hey there, I received the Safe in the 80's for a X-mas gift. It's been some time since I opened it, and the number I thought were the combination don't work.. There is No number on the front of Side of Free standing Grayish safe, so I don't have a model #. It is a 3 # combination. Any help, ...

Thanks - Phyllis

Thank author of this post/comment"combination rotation"

I have a Security Supreme 5310 safe. I know the 3 digit combination however I need to know the rotation for the combination.

Thank you.

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Denver, CO
Thank author of this post/comment"Got your SERIAL? Get your COMBO on our site! FASTER than Sentry!"

I am a locksmith and safe technician of over 8 years now. If you have lost your Sentry Safe Keys or lost your combination or even your electronic pin code, I can help you! I work FASTER THAN SENTRY. Most codes and combos are delivered THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY! Keys are within 5 business days!

Come by and type your serial number into our database search, it will search for YOUR SERIAL NUMBER! If your code or combo is in the database, it will let you know! FAST!!!

I hope to help many of you with Sentry Safe problems! I work hard at this and offer a FAST Service for a very FAIR Price! THANKS!

LocksmithByMail dott com

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Des Moines, Iowa

Gold Member
Thank author of this post/comment"Sentry"

Doesn't anyone call customer service at Sentry Safe Company?
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 218 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Sentry Safe Combinations archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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    Lost Keys and Combinations 'Sentry Safe Combinations'
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