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Jame Savig

lost combination sentry safe

I have a Sears Sentry safe purchased in approx 1970. The only number on the safe is A103949. It is a small fioor safe. I also have a Montgomery Ward safe purchased in approx 1975. The only number on the safe is 9032.

Thank you for your attention.

Jim Savig

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nick petrovic

I have a sentry safe

model no. v330

serial no. v467577

Forgot combination, I have the keys combination

is locked in safe need combo.Please help.

Thank You Nick

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nick petrovic

How do I get combination to my safe.

Thank You Nick

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Thank author of this post/commentI lost the combination to my Montgomery Ward Safe. model #9017, serial #80-95070. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.Wayne from Follansbee
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Tom Price

Lost Combination Montgomery Ward 9041, SN 8020586. How many numbers? Who made it? Does it start left or right?
Thank author of this post/commentI also have a montgomery ward #9007 and lost the combination.

Has anyone received information on what to do?

Information would be appreciated.

Thank author of this post/commentContact Fireking I found out that they are made the montgomery ward safe
I forgot the 4 or 5 digit combination to my Montgomery Ward Safe (#9034) F738 Meilink. HELP !!
I have a Montgomery Ward safe 9031 s/n 76-48698 mod 2 I need the combo...can anyone help?

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Please see /i/rb/4236.pdf

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Mar Carlson

I have a Montgomery Ward small floor safe purchased in the 70's.

I have the original combination but it does not work. The handle

seems to be rusted shut. HELP please.

Thank you.

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Long Trinh

I lost the combination to my Montgomery Ward 9042 floor safe SN: 80-49520. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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Thea Smith

We have Montgomery Wards safe, s/n 80-36092, model 9041.

We forgot the combination for the safe. Please help.

call me at 318-709-0465 or email.

Thanks, Thea

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Annabelle Whaley

I have a Montgomery ward safe 9017 and lost the combination. The serial number is 80-81099.Is there anyway you can help with this issue that I am having.

Thank you very much......

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Cindy Johnson

I bought a wards 9041 safe and do not have a combination. Can you help me get it open?

Cindy Johnson

Thank author of this post/commentI have a Wards model 9001 floor safe, how can I find the fire rating this model safe? Any help would be appreciated.

tx, T.A.

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joey thurman

how do i get a combination for a montgomery ward safe 9041 the numbers i have are 7 23 63 what are the rest of the numbers or how do i get them

have a montgomery ward floor safe #9032 lost combination
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Can't get my safe open don't understand the com
Montgomery Ward model/article number 9041. Combination works find except that wnen I go through zero after the last number the automatic stop no longer works. I have to physically hold thee handle down in order to get the door to unlock. Any suggestion --tumbler need to be replaced/repaired????
to the guy that doesnt understand the com

turn left so the number you need to enter passes 3 times and stop on the number fourth time.

turn to right for second number, passing over it twice and stopping on the third pass.

turn the 3rd number left stopping on the second time the number comes up.

now turn the handle counterclockwise and hold it there. turn the dial to the right til it opens.

thats what the original card that came with the safe said.

what size is the mongomery ward model 9041
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i have a sears safe model number is 6511 date is 12/15/70 and serial number is 47844 and i dont have the combination i forgot it and do not have it writen down could u give it to me
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Christopher Kniegge

Hi I have a Montgomery Ward safe and lost the combo to it. It is a Montgomery Ward 9017 cubic safe and need to find it out. Hopfully you can help me. Thanks.
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    Lost Keys and Combinations 'lost combination sentry safe'
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