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Thank author of this post/commentGamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Company antiques & other firefighting memorabilia. All items shown are from my personal collection. Although these pieces are not for sale, I will occasionally trade for other high grade items of interest. I am always looking to purchase additional fine quality Gamewell antiques & vintage firematic collectibles. Should you have any such items, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks and enjoy the video! 49Badge.
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Bryan schulz

"Have many complete fire alarm boxes.. "

Selling as I have no use or interest. Complete/perfect condition... Contact if interested as will post online in next few days.
"1920's Gamewell Fire Alarm Box"

Hi, Im a retired FF out of San Antonio, and have an old 1920 GW fire alarm box and would be greatly appreciative if you could tell me what the approx value is. It hasnt been restored and is in its original condition. I dont have the key for it though. Any information, again, is greatly appreciated.



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Your collection is quite unique. Do you have a place where you showcase them? You can get a minimal entrance fee to let people in and appreciate your memorabilia. Or you can just invite friends to view them.

I wonder what got you interested in collecting fire alarm antiques and stuff.

Anyway, the value of these things appreciate over time so I think it's a good idea to keep them.

I just went through the video which was posted. I have just one word for it amazing. The metallic finish, the design, just makes you go oomph.
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Oh they are really amazing. Since those antiques and memorabilia are you personal collection, I think you will really get a lot of people to trade some of them after exposing this video. Many people will get interested with those antiques of yours. It is really nice to collect such antiques products. But, I think if you decide to put them in the office secure it well most especially from strangers.
Thank author of this post/comment"1920's Fire Alarm etc"

Wow, very cool video of this amazing collection. Old fire fighting memorabilia is making a come back. Are you going to donate it to some museum - I wish a mega-wealthy person would see this and finance a place to offer this material to the public. Perhaps in Florida, near us. My son would love to see it.

If more children were exposed to this, they would grow up wanting to be firemen like in the old days. Today, they just site in front of their computer's looking for excitement.

At least my dog still chases fire trucks.

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