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I found a really old metal typewriter in the basement of a house I bought. How would I go about finding out if it is worth anything? It has the old double cloth ribbon and the manual retun handle. Metal keys.
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Why does everyone think that because something is old it has value?

Try a local antique dealer. Try ebay with a huge reserve. If you put the reserve a $10,000 and get no bids... well... maybe it is good for the trash can. If you get bids up to a couple grand, you have a pretty good idea that it's your lucky day.

Thank author of this post/comment Go online and find typwriter repair service. Often they ahve resources ot get you intouch with someone who knows about them.

Ebay is great but prices are often inflated. theer are some really good appraisers online that can giev you an idea of you send great quality images.


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Earth, the Universe
Thank author of this post/commentActually, one of the places that you may be able to sell it is to a production house for movies or a store where they sell used clothing to studios for movies and commercials.

I have a friend who rents out all sorts of "old" items and clothing to movie production companies.

When they do period movies they are always looking for items to use and most production companies don't want to have to traipse all that stuff from city to city or location to location so they rent it from companies and businesses who only do rentals of old items.

wanted antique typewriter passibelli@libero.it
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Mike Collins

I have an old metal Royal Typewriter. I was just wanting to know how I can find out if it is worth anything?



About 18 years ago I went to the first home of Frank Sinatra in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, which was having an estate state. It seems the woman he sold it to had died, and they were selling everything in the home. I purchased an antique copy holder from rite-line dated December 19, 1933 and an antique hair dryer from general mfg. company of Dayton Ohio. They both work and they're really cool, how would I find out if anyone would be interested in these or what they're worth?
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I have an old office typewriter, and wandering if anyone interested in buying it, or if any one knows how much its worth.
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Susan Ybarra

I have an antique typewriter stand from the 1960's it has the brand HI-LO and drop leaves on the side , it is a table or a rolling stand in metal and wood.
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Thank author of this post/commentAs the type writer is very old first check if its working well.

Secondly you also need to give a thought about its repair services. Since it old writer its very hard for you to get resolved with the problems if araised. Old is Gold and worthy only with few things in this world!

Thank author of this post/comment"typewriter stand"

I too have a hi-lo stand & woundering what it is worth but, I want to keep mine would like to know if I should let the kids color with every thing from marker, oil pastel, crayon, paints & so on? Or should I keep it out of harms way?
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"old typewriters"

We have four old typewriters and wondering how much they are worth and where we might find someone to buy them from us?
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[message deleted by user]
Thank author of this post/comment"Keep it for few years"

I would have kept it with me had i got it. I have a "Brother" typewriter around 42 years old. Never thought of selling that.
Thank author of this post/comment"tried google?"

Have you tried googling the name and model number for the typewriter?

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