Get the most out of your toner cartridge

Thank author of this post/commentJust a tip to help you get a little extra out of your laser toner cartridges.

If you notice your pages coming out light in spots or with missed areas, don't throw out the cartridge right away. Take it out and shake it back and forth a few times and you should get another 50 pages or so out of the same cartridge. When it starts getting light again, shake it one more time and you should probably get another 20 pages.

With cartridges being so expensive today, I thought I would just help you save a few dollars. Also be sure to try and get a store credit for your empty toner cartridge.

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Thank author of this post/commentPete that is great information. I have been doing this for years and it does really work. It doesn't too much improve the quality of the print, but it does help it to go a little further.
Thank author of this post/commentI've done this too. Have to! Toner cartridges are around $100. I bought a laser printer when I was doing auto insurance claim transcription. Made so much more sense to get more pages out of a toner cartridge than ink jet. Now that I don't transcribe, I can't bring myself to spend the money.

The credit on a toner cartridge isn't that much. It's still only $3 or a ream of paper. At least that's what it is at the office supply megastores. Are you getting a better deal elsewhere? I'd love to know.

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Thank author of this post/commentSomeone told me of this tip years back. It really does work because once I notice it getting lighter, I'll shake it up a bit and it lasts for another couple weeks. It certainly helps out - especially when the cartridges are about $30 a pop!!
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Earth, the Universe
Thank author of this post/commentDepending on how many cartridges you go through in a year you might want to find a company that refurbishes them. In other words they take back your old cartridges and refill them and charge you for the labour and toner only.

That way you can buy a couple to begin with, and when one runs out then have them take it away and you still have the second one to work with until it comes back.

You will have one in the printer and one either out being filled or sitting on the shelf to be used.

The shaking of them a couple of times before they run out completely is a great thing. Have been doing that for years. I don't usually call them until such time as I have had to shake it the second time. That way I know I will have used up the rest by the time they come to pick it up.

hi, does anyone know where can i buy the toner refills, and the correct way to refill.


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Rojer Pedric

Its good to know this kind of ideas to make cartridges work longer and from this we can know that what is the exactly time to throw away or refill the cartridges.
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Des Moines, Iowa

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Thank author of this post/comment"Go paperless..."

The more "paperless" your office is the less toner you will use. Not only will you help save the environment, but your budget as well!
Thank author of this post/comment"Toner cartridge life"

Right on Brad! I save on my toner cartridge life because I don't print very much.
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