Boston paper trimmer replacement parts

Thank author of this post/commentI have an older Boston Paper trimmer approx 12X12 heavy plastic. Need to find out where I can get a replacement blade and paper guide.
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Debbi Lightfoot

I have a Boston Trimmer model #2612.

Looking to purchase Part # 20 - Blade Base

Part # 14 - Blade Handle

Part # 3 - Paper Guide

Could you please let me know if parts are available & what the cost would be.

Thank You

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Jeri Rogers

I, too am looking for a replacement blade for our Boston 2612 paper trimmer. Any ideas?
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Ithaca, NY
Thank author of this post/commentME TOO!

looking for replacement blade for Boston 2612 cutter.


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david poland

do you have replacement blades for a Boston 2612? If so what is the cost and how do I go about ordering a set of blades.
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Terry Wolf

We have a Boston 2618 paper trimmer, and want replacement blades

for both the handle and the base. Where can these be purchased?


I own a Boston 15" paper trimmer #26915. It has a section of the blade that does not cut well. Is this something that I could take someplace and have sharpened or do I need a new cutting blade? If I need a new blade, what would the cost be?
Thank author of this post/commentI need replacement blades for a Boston 2612? If so what is the cost and how do I go about ordering a set of blades.
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Bob Reynolds

We have a Boston 2618 paper trimmer, and want replacement blades

for both the handle and the base. Where can these be purchased?


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wilbert c cardenas

I need the price for a Boston 2612 paper cutter handles #14 also pric on the Paper guide #3

thanks, wilbert

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Mount Holly, NC
Thank author of this post/commentI also have an older (about 15 yrs old) model with no model number. I too am looking for the plastic paper guide/lock

for it. The model is 12x12 heavy plastic. Please help if you can.


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We have a Boston Trimmer and would like to know how do we get the replacement blade, please?
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I need to replace the blaseds in this 2612 Boston paper cutter - I need to know where I can go to do so...
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Susan Mason

I am interested in finding out where I can purchase a used Boston 2618 paper trimmer. Please email me if you can tell me where. Thanks.
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Paula Carlson

I have a Boston 2624 paper trimmer. The metal piece that holds the arm (blade) to the base is broken. Where can buy this piece?
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I need the replacement blade #14 and possibly the blade base#20 and #3 Paper guide
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D Elliott

Where can I order the Boston 2612 replacement parts?

I need the handle blade and base blade.

Can my current blade be sharpened by a knife sharpener?

Thanks...D. Elliott

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Mountain Home, AR
Thank author of this post/commentTrying to locate a replacement blade for a Boston 2612 paper cutter. Can you advise where I can purchase one and what the price would be?

Thank you

Karen Gowen

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how can I order a blade for a #26912 Trimmer 12" ? thanks in advance
Boston Paper cutters do not have replacement blades available. This is taken from their site:

Can I replace the blades on my guillotine style trimmer?

There are no replacement blades available for guillotine style trimmers.

Can trimmer blades for guillotine style trimmers be sharpened?

That is not normally a good solution for a trimmer that does not cut well. If the trimmer cuts better at the top of the cut than at the bottom (or vice versa), the arm needs adjustment.

If you need a paper cutter or paper cutter supplies or parts, you can find them at:

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Houston, center of the known universe
Thank author of this post/commentWe have a Boston 2615 paper cutter that works great, except that the spring in the handle is gone. Is a replacement spring available?
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I have a Boston 2618 paper cutter with a cracked board that I would like to replace. Does anyone have this model that they are willing to give up? Please advise. Thank you.
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Our Boston 2818 paper trimmer needs the return spring for the handle. I sure don't want my students using it as is. Where do I find one?
I have a Boston 2615 paper cutter. Need to replace the blade. Any suggestions where I can purchase a new blade?
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