boston hunt parts

I am looking for information on boston hunt parts. Please reply with web site or other contact information. Thanks.
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Paul Wilson

"Nonbeliever in Throwaway Society"

I've read enough. The nylon wheel of my Boston electric Sharpener has broke and appears to be irreplaceable unless I cough up big bucks for a prototype. So to the landfill it goes. Too bad because I really liked that pencil sharpener.
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Richard Englander


I have a Humt Manufacturing Company, Model 19, Serial No.1976304 that needs a large gear that drives the sharpener blades. This sharpener has served me very well and I would buy a replacement but I have been umable to locate one that meets these standards. I did order and X-ACTO,

Model 19xx CN and it does not meet the quality the the Hunt model does. so I have decided to repair the Hunt model, assuming of course, I can obtain the part. Please let me know what I have to do obtain the large gear that drives the cutter and I will comply with the request.

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Los Angeles
Thank author of this post/comment"replying to comment# 48"

Richard - how soon do you have to have it? I am already working on my 2nd successful repair of a Model 18 and I am gearing up (ok...bad pun!) to be able to do the same for other popular models such as the 17, 19, and others. reply to me directly for more info or let me know where to reach you.
Reply # 50

Joe Craven


I need the plastic gear for a model 17 pencil sharpener. serial #537850 Thank you!
"repair DIY"

i have the boston 18 and also need the main plastic/nylon gear. anyone with a machine to part out? mmonsher i use gmail
Reply # 52

Unique Services


Need the approximately 2 inch gear for the Model 19 Electric Pencil Sharpener
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Los Angeles
Thank author of this post/comment"Reply to comment #52 - "Manager""

I have this part available and adding the ebay link to this reply.
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Vincent Mikiel

"Purchasing Agent"

Need rubber for feed roller on Boston Hunt Letter opener. Roller approx 1-1/8" dia. No model # on machine.


Thank author of this post/comment"Pencil sharpner"

I am looking for a large plastic gear for a model 17 where can I fine one?
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Tom A. Taylor


9/12/2010 RE: Hunt Mfg. Co.

electric pencil sharpener

Model #17

Serial #16388

I need a replacement for the large nylon/plastic gear that is engaged by the driver gear attached to the drive shaft of the small electric motor. My pencil sharpener is pretty old; however, I'll bet that there are some spare parts around somewhere.

Please advise a.s.a.p. - yes or no.


Tom A. Taylor

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cliff paden

"retired construction manager"

I owen electric pencil sharpener mod 17 ser 63916 need replacement gear ?
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cliff paden Yucca Valley Ca. 92284 repair part

"retired construction manager"

need gear part foor mod 17 ser 63916
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cliff paden Yucca Valley Ca. 92284 repair part

"construction mgr"

need repair part, gear for mod 17 ser. 63916 large plastic gear
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Eugene Everett


I need a cutting blade for a pencil shapener model # 167x.Would you send me a website where I could purchase a blade for this sharpener.



Reply # 61

Minerva Fred

"Administrative Secretary"

I have an older model of a Boston pencil sharpener Model #41 - 14757.

The teacher attached a note saying it needs new blades and dial for width adjustment.

Can you tell me where we would be able to locate the repair parts?

Thank you!

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"Plastic gear for HuntBoston #17"

I did a search for the part and like most of you was left wanting. I did find a company called and their site looks promising. I have an inquiry in with them on it...they make gears in plastic or metal from the old worn out gears. I will keep you updated...this may be a solution. I don't know about you but it seems to make sense to go with metal over plastic. We might be able to save more if we buy in quantity.

Let me know if you are interested...

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Jim Stockard


Dear Sirs: I am looking for replacement & handle blades for Boston paper trimmer 2615. Do U have them & costs. Thank U

Jim Stockard

Reply # 65

cliff paden Yucca Valley Ca. 92284 repair part

"retired construction manager"

I have an electric sharpener, Mod 17 ser# 63916 in need of large plastic gear. can you help me thank you Cliff
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cliff paden Yucca Valley Ca. 92284 repair part

"construction mgr retired"

need plastic gear for mod17 shapener
Reply # 67

brad morgan

"ceo morgan family farms"

I need the big plastic gear for a model 18 electric pencil sharpener,
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Los Angeles
Thank author of this post/comment"Boston Model 17, 18, 19 replacement gears available"

I still have gears for Boston aka Hunt Boston (or even Boston Hunt?) models 17, 18 and 19 available. They are on ebay and my seller name is valens61. If you search for "boston pencil sharpener gear" my listings should come up.

I do offer repair support/assistance and will allow an exchange or return if you find the part will not get you going again.

Repair instructions are on my blog (for model 18, will be updating with tips for Model 17 too, which is a similar procedure).

(Thanks again to Bill Adams, post# 64, for sharing this information. Other customer feedback available on my eBay ratings)

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B. J. Martin/McLarty Ford


We have a Boston 2615 paper cutter. The cutter blade/handle will not stay up. Is there a spring available that goes around the pivot shaft that holds the cutter arm up when not locked down? If so please give me availability and cost of part.

Thanks, B. J. Martin, Controller

McLarty Ford

3232 Summerhill Rd.

Texarkana, TX 75503

Ph: 903-792-7121 ext 4669

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Clarence Eash

"Paper punch"

Hunt multiple hole paper punch #1506

I need to replace the seats on top of the plungers ...appear to be plastic tips.

Where can I order them? Order #? etc.

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boucherville, Quebec, Canada
Thank author of this post/comment"Gears"

Need plastics gears for model 17
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 71 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: boston hunt parts archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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