Reply #25

J Miernyk

We have a Model 19 pencil sharpener that has the large plastic gear that cracked and we were hoping to find that part. I would appreciate the info if anyone has found those gears.
I need to replace the nylon gears on my electric pencil sharpener Model 17 S/N 364522
Reply #27

Donna Krebsbach

We have a BOSTON TRIMMER #2615 Paper Cutter and we need a new blade.

Blade handle Part # 14

I would greatly appreciate any help locating this item.


Reply #28

Cliff McCarthy

Im looking 4 plastic gear 4 electric pencil sharpner model #17. how much & were can i get it.

Can I send my sharpener to be repaired I don't know what is wrong
Reply #30

Robert Hall


I am also looking for the big gear for pencil sharpener. any company that does not offer replacemet parts SUCKS.
Reply #31

John Keller


Do you sell a 3-hole punch, model 1534? Many thanks.


"pencil sharpener serial# 9707462"

I need a part for my sharpener it is a sprocket it is on the moter side in side the back under the moter in between the magnet and the wall that the moter mounts to it is the only sprocket on this side the opposite of the actual pencil sharping side and this sprocket is about 2" in diameter.The serial #9707462 model 18 listed 296A Electric Pencil Sharpener 120v. 60HZ. 2.0 AMPS DOUBLE INSULATED
Reply #33

Andrew Bates


I has a Boston Pencil sharpener model 18 and I need the drawer that catches the pencil shavings contact Drew 816-804-1954
Reply #34

Robert L. Spina

"Communications Systems Tech 2"

I need to order the main gear for my Model 18 Boston Electric pencil sharpener but having a hard time finding a phone number to call to place order please help
Reply #35

Gene Rymut


I need the large plastic gear for a Model 17 pencil sharpener. Please advise if this part is available. Thank you.
Reply #36


"Pencil pusher"

Hey I guess I will join the chorus of people who want a new nylon gear on my Model 18. We suck as a modern country if nobody can make a simple part like this (myself included).
Reply #37

Robert L. Yockey

"Replacement plastic gear for Model17 B-H pencil sharpener."

I need a large plstic gear for a model 17 Boston-Hunt pencil sharpener. is it available and what is the cost?
"Hunt Boston Model 17 pencil sharpener"

I too have a Hunt Boston Model 17 (SN 493423) with a stripped large plastic drive gear.

It's too bad that this part is no longer available because the sharpener has worked fine for many years and I find it irritating that it has to die over such a trivial thing. From what I read, the newer sharpeners are not nearly as good.

Well, I guess that is our throwaway society. If anyone wants any of the rest of it (other gears, motor, cutter, tray, housing, whole thing, etc., make me an offer (price + shipping) at with "Model 17" in the subject line.

I will check this email account for this offering only once on March 28, 2010.

After that it goes to the landfill.

Reply #39

Brenda Rymer


I need to know if we can buy sharpening blades for model number 41 serial number 245177 pencil sharpener and if we can't I am going to suggest to my school district that we no longer purchase anymore Hunts-Elmer equipment
Reply #40

Richard Herbster

"financial secetaryt"

I am looking for the gears and the rollers for a Hunt Model 50 letter opener. Please let me know where i would be able to get them.

Reply #41

Richard Herbster

"financial secetary"

I am looking for the gears and the rollers for a Hunt Model 50 letter opener. Please let me know where i would be able to get them.

Reply #42

New Jersey
Thank author of this post/comment"plastic internal gear for Hunt Model 18 electric pencil sharpener. "

I am looking for the main plastic internal gear of a Boston/Hunt Model 18 electric pencil sharpener.

Where could I purchase it?

Reply #43

John Patenge


I found a Boston Lead Pointer product # 1401 and it needs a new abrasive cup. Are these available anywhere? Thanks, John
Reply #44

Don Haley

"school teacher"

Have Model 18 hunt mfg. pencil sharpener I need the large plastic gear .

thanks for any help

Don Haley

Reply #45

Janet Williams

"Owner of a Boston Trimmer"

I would like to order or purchase a blade replacement for my Boston Trimmer 2615 - or maybe have it sharpened. I live in the Denver, Colorado area.

Thanks, Janet Williams


Reply #46

Morrisdine Williams


Look for plastic gear that operate the sharpener approx 2" in dia.

Model 18 Serial #02469194

Reply #47

Paul Wilson

"Nonbeliever in Throwaway Society"

I've read enough. The nylon wheel of my Boston electric Sharpener has broke and appears to be irreplaceable unless I cough up big bucks for a prototype. So to the landfill it goes. Too bad because I really liked that pencil sharpener.
Reply #48

Richard Englander


I have a Humt Manufacturing Company, Model 19, Serial No.1976304 that needs a large gear that drives the sharpener blades. This sharpener has served me very well and I would buy a replacement but I have been umable to locate one that meets these standards. I did order and X-ACTO,

Model 19xx CN and it does not meet the quality the the Hunt model does. so I have decided to repair the Hunt model, assuming of course, I can obtain the part. Please let me know what I have to do obtain the large gear that drives the cutter and I will comply with the request.

Thank author of this post/comment"replying to comment# 48"

Richard - how soon do you have to have it? I am already working on my 2nd successful repair of a Model 18 and I am gearing up (ok...bad pun!) to be able to do the same for other popular models such as the 17, 19, and others. reply to me directly for more info or let me know where to reach you.
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