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DeLoris Lawrence

The handle on my Lazy Boy recliner broke. Also the Massage/heat does not work. How can I go about getting parts for this?
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Brian Eckelson

Hi, I need a replacement corded remote for a Lazboy recliner with heat and message. The remote is an In Seat model #11531 from In Seat Solutions. Any help would be appriciated, Thanks!
I have a double lazyboy with massage and heat. I can email a picture. We lost the power "box" (don't ask) to one side. Do you sell these?
I have a burgandy double Lazy boy with massage and heat. I can email a picture. We lost the power "box" (don't ask) to one side. How do I find one?
Reply #29

Bruce stevens

Im looking for a plastic control that is on the side of my recliner couch. Pat. # 5107720 FS # 1247 the plastic brike off of the cable which control the foot rest to go up. can you help me find one? the inside tag is from 1284 n. Telegraph road, Monroe Michigan. ACK#. 311260261-007-002 L013271236, I think the order # was 47913A.
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L.O. Hallum

I need the spring type wire that holds the Lazyboy recliner in position.
I need a new release handle for my recliner, the handle is the type that is inset, the pull part is broke, your assistance is appreciated
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My reciner will no longer will stay up when the leg rest is flipped up. I found a piece of steel under the chair the other day and it appears to have broken off the top of the piece that allows the chair to ratchet up to the various heights. Is this piece available.



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Matt Ladish

I need to get replacement springs for my lazy boy recliner. I have tag and various #'s just can't find a # to call or person who can help me.
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I am looking for two controllers for a sofa recliner heat/massage unit. Model # 11041. Can you please tell me how to obtain this item. Thanks.
Reply #35

Laura Miller


I am lookin for replacement spring for under seat of my recliner.

Thanke you.

Reply #36

Jim Hansen

My father-in-law has a La-Z-Boy lift recliner model 11540 with massage and heat but several of the buttons on the hand-held remote have stopped working. Are there replacement remotes available for this model or is the alternative a new lift chair?

Thank you.

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todd lippold

I need spings and holder for my lazy boy cd871372
I am looking for a replacement foot lift handle for a la z boy rocker/recliner. The tag indicates it is a havoak finish # 025. Other numbers on the tag are SP-R B02, B02 X27, Liner. Thank You.
Reply #39

John Beebe

My handle broke on my recliner. How do I get a replacement part and how do I replace it? The handle is brown.
Reply #40

Shirley Kinnavy

I need a handle for a 10 year old recliner. Ours broke in half.
Reply #41

J L Shuey

The heat and massage remote stopped working for my la-z-boy chair , Model 11041. Can I order a new remote?
Thank author of this post/commentI'm looking for the control Model 11531 Seat Serial 031163 Massage and Heat
I need to find a remote controller for LaZ Boy recliner lift chair. Any help appreciated.
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darlene vanta

recently my home was flooded due to hurricane gustav, (louisana). i have a la-z-boy recliner that i have salvaged thru my losses from the flood. my question is, i had heard sometime ago that some la-z-boy dealers give a discount or replacement for a set. where can i get more info? is this really true?
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I am looking for power/transformer for heat massage relina rocker

Reply #46

Ronald L. Gardner

I am looking for a power adapter for two controllers on a sofa. SEAT model number 11041 . Is this something I can get at a local LA-Z-BOY store? Thank you.


The handle on my lazy boy recliner broke. It is about 10 years old. How do I get a replacement part. The handle is brown.
I looking for a Motor Extention Connection and Power Transformer Connection for a Laz Boy Luxury Lift Powr Recliner, Style #11-341.


Dear Lazyboy,

Looking for replacement part for my Lazyboy leather recliner.

Their are 4 springs under the cushion where you sit. Two of them

has snapped from the weld holding it. Also one of the wire

going across the seat is broke. Please advise if repairable.


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