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edward w. ibold

I am searching for the replacement spring harp that holds the recliner in position when the foot rest is raised. please send me one or tell me how to obtain one.
I am looking for a replacement arm for a Lazy Boy office chair. The only number on the chair is 465-0093-CM. The arm is made of hard plastic that broke in three parts. Please forward me via e-mail any pictures or information you may have for this part. Thanks, Jay
Thank author of this post/commentMy mother-in-law has an older La-Z-Boy lift recliner (vintage about 1995 or 1996)that stopped moving. Looking under it there seems to be a broken part(gear housing)that the motor bolts to. The screw drive and motor are OK. If I had the part it looks replaceable. Are there replacement parts available for this model or is the alternative a new lift chair?
need replacement handle for leather recliner, brown in color.
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cathy p

i have a lazy boy recliner that the handle broke just need a new one and need to know where to buy one. thanks

modle no. is style 010529 AL723324 ACK 008303879 reclina-rocker

The wood handle that raises and lowers foot rest broke. Where can I locate another one?
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I have lazy boy massage chair with heat.

I need to replace the controller.

It is model # 11171.(the controller)

the chair is model im6515 (I believe) Haydan

does nyone have one to sell?

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Terry Lyster

I need the controler for my massage/heat la-z-boy recliner Model # 11181 Ser.No 015486 I need It for My mother She naps in the chair Would like the heat to keep her warm.
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lorene gerard

I would like a replacement handle for my recliner style number 010554.Also I have the same chair, but with the heat and massage, a couple of years ago the puppy chewed on the cord I would like to replace the cord for that chair. Thanks lorene
I need the rocker handle for the recliner. Can I go to a local dealer and have them order it for me.

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John Sauer

I need a handle for a rocker recliner style #010550... How do I go about getting one?
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Dale Granger

Need information on mechanism for reclining position for lazyboy reliner. Need part number for respective part.
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Micheal Morse

We keep getting phone calls for La-Z-boy. The people who call think we are the La-Z-Boy repair or replacement shop. We're a private home. Not sure how our number is being given out.
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the office basement
Thank author of this post/commentWas your number mistakenly posted in one of the above replies as Lazy Boy's?
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LAZ BOY is not the company that it once was in the customer service department. The handles are well known to break. I was a loyal Laz Boy customer until this year. Due to pitiful excuses for a lack of warrantee work, I canceled my order for two new leather recliners. I hate it for the sales person. It was almost $3, 000 in a sale that she lost.

I took the old one out in the field and put a match to it. DO NOT SLEEP IN A LAZ BOY! You would not believe how fast it went up in flames.

Good luck in getting parts. They insisted that I had to pay one of their stores to put the parts in, or no parts.

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Robyn Prytula

Looking for a power transformer cord for model LZMOZH possibly LZM0ZH. Where to buy if available?

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

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Thank author of this post/commentI have an office chair built by La-Z-Boy, a style #092213,

the tilting bracket is broken to two places. I need to replace the whole bracket, where might I find one.

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Don Kennedy

Dear Lazyboy,

Looking for replacement springs for my Lazyboy recliner.

Their are 4 springs under the cushion where you sit. One of them

has snapped from the weld holding it. Please advise if repairable

Thanks, Don Kennedy

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Tom Oneill

I need a handle for my lazy boy recliner.
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fredia casey

I am looking for handles to recliner which are on both ends of my couch. each metal end from couch is square
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Marlene Evans

I need replacement plastic pocket leg release levers. The plastic gives out after a year. I have replaced each one of my loveseat and couch recliners. Need a supply distributor.
If you need LAZBOY parts the only way you will be able to obtain them is by going to a LAZBOY Furniture Dealer and they will give them to you if you have the folowing..



Ack line item #

Date of Purchase:

Withought that information you will not be able to get parts for free unless you buy them your self from the dealer. There should be a hang tag under the footrest or several little tags stapled to the frame in various locations.

Warranty: 1 Year on Labor, Fabric, Foam.

Life time on Frame, Mechanism, Springs.

3 Year warranty on electronics.

If you can not figure out how to fix most stores have a service department that will make house calls for a small fee.

Paul Specht

LAZBOY Service Tech.

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Need remote for power recliner with heat/massage. Cable keeps breaking. Thanks
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Betty Knupp

My mother has a lazy boy recliner and the arm for putting the chair up and down isn't working The part makes it too hard for her to work chair. Mom says the chair is just 2 years old. I think it is 5.Please advise how I can make it easier for her to operate the chair.
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