I had a metal piece fall off the bottom of my lazyboy rocker/recliner. Is there any drawing showing the under chair mechanical assembly?

My chair is a model 010419.



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Bob Frankwick

"Real live person"

I have a love seat recliner, style 048315, ack/line/item #305290029-002-002

and one of the screws in the reclining mechanism has gone missing. Without it, the back tends to sag backward, rather than remain fully upright.

The screw has a thin, large diameter head. Beneath that is a cylindrical shoulder about 1/8" long and about 5/16" diameter and then there is a section of screw threads, possibly #10 or #12, and about 1/4" long.

I would like to acquire 3 or 4 of these pieces. How & where?

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"Lift Chair not getting power."

My mother has a 2005 Lazyboy lift chair. It wont lift or recline anymore. I turned the chair over & ck'd all the wires. took the remote apart, it also looks good. I have also plugged the power box into several outlets that I know work. Still no power at all. The chair is stuck in almost the down position. So it is very uncomfortable for her to sit in. What seems to be wrong with it? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
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Kathy Holley


we have the luxury lift lazy boy chair and we last year replaced the power transformer and the remote under warranty, We are now in need of the transformer again! I am concerned that with this chair this is an expense every year? how much are they and why does it go bad every year? My mother has bad legs and we are in dire need of this part. Thanks kathy
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Charles Pinney

"parts needed"

Need a motor for Lazy boys heavy duty lift chair nos on the replacement motor that they sold me are MO90808031

iT ONLY LASTED 1 MONTTH HOWEVER And they would not warranty because it was out of the electrical warranty period for their lifetime warranty chair

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Patrick Johnstone


My foot rest handle broke in half on my Lazboy recliner and I need to replace it. It's style #010532, 097 Sunshnoak. The handle is

light brown woodgrain with LaZboy engraved. It goes on a 3/8 or 1/2 square shaft. Is my lifetime warrentee good? Where can I get a

replacement or have one sent to me. I will replace it myself. I

purchased the Recliner in 2005.

Patrick Johnstone

1957 Mesquite Ave, Unit 20

Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 Thanks

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[message deleted by user]
Thank author of this post/comment"La-Z-Boy Big Man Recliner Mechanism Photos"

I just took pictures of my mechanism on my La-Z-Boy Big Man Recliner after a frustrating evening of not finding any images/diagrams on the La-Z-Boy site or the web. I figured out how it went back together and replaced a missing cross pin with a 1/4 - 28 1" bolt and Nylon lock nut and posted pictures on a folder off of my website.

My profile page link is to these pictures AND NOTHING ELSE.

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D Wilki

"Lazyboy controller #11171 replacement"

I have lazy boy massage chair with heat and need to replace the controller. The controller says it is model # 11171. How do I find a replacement part and what is the cost? Thanks!
"owner customer"

ACK 411101082-004-001 I need the two pins and two springs that hold the leg rest position.
Thank author of this post/comment"Use " bolts and nuts"

I used a 1/4-28 bolt and self-locking nuts and springs I found at the local hardware store.
"InSeat Remote Model 11680"

I need a new remote for my InSeat model 11680 recliner. Where can I get one?
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Jesse Champagne

"Power adaptor for a Lay-Z-Boy recliner"

I have a Lay-Z-Boy recliner with heat/massage and lost the adaptor while moving. Do you have one for sale? How much? Thank you.


Thank author of this post/comment"La-Z-Boy parts"

I am a La-Z-Boy service technician. I do not represent the company on here. I work at a Gallery that is independent from the Corporation. I have been there for 12 years.I have read through a lot of the posts on here and would like to offer general help and advice. It is important to know that there are NO La-Z-Boy owned stores. Lots of furniture stores will offer different selections of La-Z-Boy models. These can be either independent or even some chain stores. If you have problems with your furniture, best advice is to go back to where you purchased and see if they can help. Lot's of times though, these independents do not have any parts or service folks who can help. Your best bet is to contact the closest La-Z-Boy furniture Galleries. They are the closest you will get to an actual factory store. Even though they too are independent, the Galleries will usually have a service department dedicated to and stocked with most La-Z-Boy parts. If not, they certainly have access to them from the factory.

Handles, springs, rocker bases, mechanism parts, are all usually covered under the lifetime warranty and should be in stock at the larger dealers. Most parts for late model lift chairs such as, transformers, hand wands, control modules, and even some motors are stocked as well. However, the electrical parts only have a three year warranty and usually have to be purchased. I always tell my customer's to try to bring the defective part with them and to also bring the acknowledgment-line item number, which is available on the law tag that usually hangs underneath the leg rest, or somewhere under the chair on the frame.

Again, most of the parts I have seen people looking for are available at the Gallery stores. If they stone-wall you, and tell you that they don't have them, put the pressure on, because they do have access to them! More advice... don't even bother with the sales dept. Go directly to the service dept. Some shops will even repair on site provided you bring the chair to them. Or, can give you the name of a contractor who repairs out of warranty problems.

One more thing...don't care what your sales person told you, here is the warranty. Limited lifetime warranty on wood frame, and metal mechanism parts. Service is free for one year after delivery, if purchased from a Galleries. I am not sure about other independents. After the first year a trip fee and labor is applied. No where in the warranty does it say that labor is covered for lifetime even though I know it is sometimes implied at the time of sale. Also, if you purchase an additional warranty, it is usually only for the fabric or leather protection ONLY, and does not apply to anything else. I hope this helps folks out.

Thank author of this post/comment"The best place for replacement recliner "

Hi sir/madam,

I know one famous company who can supply large of recliner handles and cables , yes I work there !so you can contact me if you need .They supply the best service and the best quality also the best price .

Also it is supplier for LAZY-BOY in China.

Thank author of this post/comment"Recliner Plastic Handle"

My recliner plastic handle (part number FS1247)from my black leather recliner broke off. It is the part that attaches to the cable. I don't have a model couch, but can anyone tell me where I can purchase a replacement part? Thanks!!
Thank author of this post/comment"need a power cord for the 2 way heat and massage"

Do you have the power cord to the 2 way heat and massage? How much is it and how do I order it? thank you
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Suburbia NC
Thank author of this post/comment"Any help with this matter"

The massage/heat controller to my mother's recliner just broke.

How do I obtain a replacement?

The controller is from InSeat Solutions; Model # 11241;

Serial #0029195

Thank author of this post/comment"Q: Where to get Replacement remotes?"

I have a La-Z-Boy model IL6-515 luxury-lift chaise power recliner with heat and 6 motor massage. I am looking for a replacement remote. Where can I obtain one of these?
Reply #144

Houma, Louisiana
Thank author of this post/comment"Inseat 10 motor setup for lazyboy "

Heat and massage went out on my lazy boy. Can you get me a new setup?
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