parts for boston pencil sharpeners

I am looking for information on parts for boston pencil sharpeners. Please reply with web site or other contact information. Thanks.
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Mr Roen Elton

"Parts required for Model 17 Hunt Boston"

need to get both plastic gears for the Hunt Boston Model 17 electric pencil sharpener.The small white fear and the larger connecting brown gear
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Need the plastic wheel move blades on a BOSTON PENCIL SHARPNER MODEL 21, HELP PLEASE
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Rafael Vargas

"Parts for Boston pencil Sharpener"

I need the drive gear for my Boston Pencil Sharpener model 18.
Reply # 33

J Traster

"Need replacement drive wheel. "

I need the large nylon drive wheels for a Boston model #18 and model #17, electric pencil sharpeners. Please let me know where I might get a replacement drive wheels.
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Sam Bianco

"Senior Retired"

Need a large ring gear that has cracked on a model 18 Hunt electic pencil


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Marquette Heights, Il.
Thank author of this post/comment"Mister"

I have a model 18 and a model 19 sharpener and need the large plastic gears for them--where can I find them? Thank you--Jerry

I am looking for a replacement handle for an X-ACTO KS hand-crank pencil sharpener. Anyone know where I can get one?

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pam eide

"plastic gear for old model"

Does anyone know of a glue to repair cracked brown plastic gear?

I don't think the crazy glue will hold the soft plastics. Has anyone

tried to glue them? To bad no one makes them. I would erather repair than

throw away.

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Brian J Hillman

"Worn Gear"

Please advise Price and Delivery for a 2 1/8 Diameter Gray Moulded Gear for your Pencil Sharpener made by Hunt Mfg.Co. Model 18 Serial No.5625975.

The gears teeth have worn, but the rest is OK. Thank you so much.

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Los Angeles
Thank author of this post/comment"Replying to Comment #38 - Brian J Hillman"

Hi Brian,

I have gears available for model 18. Adding a link to this message for my current listing or you can contact me too.

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Robert B. Hansill


My wife is a school teacher and has inherited a Boston School Pro electric pencil sharpener. When a pencil is inserted the motor runs but the pencil is not sharpened. I think it needs the internal shaving mechanism. Can I order it from you?

Robert B. Hansill

Thank author of this post/comment"retired"

My wife is a school teacher and has inherited a Boston School Pro electric pencil sharpener. When a pencil is inserted, the motor runs and the mechanism turns, but the pencil is not sharpened. I believe the shaving part of the sharpener needs replacing. Can I order that part from you? The numbers on the bottom are: UL1950; LISTED 296A; Model

167X; 120 V - 60 HZ - 2.0 AMPS. Thank you.

Robert B. Hansill

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"art teacher"

need plastic transparent shaves container for Boston Sharpener 1670

my broke


Im looking to purchase the plastic gear for my pencil sharpener it;s a huntboston model 17. please send my your information



Model #17 pencil sharpner, brown plastic gear broken. Where can I find a replacement gear
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Greg Aigner


I have a Boston electric pencil sharpener, model 18, that is missing the shavings tray. How can I get a new one? Thanks for the info.
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"fix it teacher"

The parts for the Boston Electric sharpener is found at

xacto company web site. Just type it with the dot com.

The problem is that with the shipping it costs 30 dollars.

I took the blade out and put it to the electric grinder that I have. It worked great. I just ran it across the blades flat across. It made the edges sharp. The pencils are coming out sharp. It's not perfect but I am pleased with the results.

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Ralph Leonardo

"English "

To: Hunt Mfg. Co., I have a Boston electric pencil sharpener

model #19 serial #136737. The plastic gear wheel is broken.

Can you please send me a replacement.

Thank you for your attention in this matter. Razz L.

Thank author of this post/comment"Boston Pencil Sharpener Model 18"

I have an Boston Pencil Sharpener - Model 18. The plastic wheel inside the sharpener has cracked. Do you still make replacement parts for this pencil sharpener. Thank you for any information you can give me.
Thank author of this post/comment"Elmer's #41 pencil sharpener death"

These machines last until the plastic ring gear wears out. Not very long. Look for something else!
Thank author of this post/comment"Pencil Sharpener Parts"

Think of the wasted resources:



And, throwing out a perfectly good pencil sharpener because you can't get some little part.

Go high tech. Go 21st century. Use a tablet and stylus.

Thank author of this post/comment"Gear: Hunts-Boston Model 18 electric pencil sharpener"

I need the large (approx 2 1/8 inch dia.) plastic gear for a Boston Model 18 (Serial No. 374233) pencil sharpener. I am responding to your post which indicates you have gears available. Please respond with item price and shipping costs. Thank you. A. Rokitowski
Thank author of this post/comment"Model 18 Gear"

I would like to buy a gear for the Boston Model 18 pencil sharpener. I just found this site and don't know how things work here. How do we make contact so I can buy a gear?
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Austin, TX
Thank author of this post/comment"Hunt Model 18 gear"


I have a Model 18 that just cracked the big gear.

This sharpener has been in my family for many years and I'd like to get it back to functioning condition.

Do you happen to have any more gears available?




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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 54 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: parts for boston pencil sharpeners archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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