pencil sharpener by xacto parts

I am looking for information on pencil sharpener by xacto parts. Please reply with web site or other contact information. Thanks.
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I would like to know what the correct termonolgy for a pencil sharpener Boston model 18 would be for the inside parts. Anyone have an answer?
I need a new plastic cup for my xacto school pro sharpener. The plastic insert cracked off so pencil sharpener won't sart.
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John Cummings for the S.D.A. Church

We have thi x-acto pencil sharpener model # 1730cn. Now it wants to sharpen off center. We sharpen from 75 to 100 pencils per week. I think the cutter head needs to be replaced but can't find any parts. I also wonder if x-acto makes an electric pencil sharpener with two cutter heads, and if they do what would be the price. Thank you John Cummings
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Benjamin Solow

I want to buy a new cutting blade for my X-acto SchoolPro pencil sharpener. It's the barrel shaped milling cutter.It is dull. Was used in my daughter's school class.
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Michele T

I'm looking for a replacement gear for an X-Acto Powerhouse 1799. Can anyone give me a lead on where I might find a part breakdown and place to order?
I am looling for the clear plastic X-acto pencil sharpener receptacle. The back of it that triggers the motor, has been broken. Help!
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fenton barnard

I need a new blade and gear for model 1792
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Thank author of this post/commentCouls someone please advise me on where to get a replacement barrel sharpener for an Xacto School Pro sharpener?

My son just found the coolest pencil sharpener ever. Its called the Gripsharp and as its name states its a grip/sharpener. It stays on your pencil eliminating loss! Plus the sharpening design doubles the life of your pencil...pretty cool. Check it out at
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shelley kanner


My pencil sharpener x-acto EPl1606- started sharpening without stopping until it was unplugged. Shortly after that it quit sharpening like it used to. It was very sluggish and only sharpened after a long time. Where can I send it for a tune-up?
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louise castillo

"school teacher"

I purchased a new x-acto model# 41 and it started to make a grinding noise when you try to sharpen pencil. I unpluged it and removed the shaving catcher. The blades turn freely and I can not see anything stuck in barrel or hear grinding when I rotate blades. I have used it this school year with 14 students and can not believe it broke down. Can you offer any help, my husband has looked at it and is trying to located a manuel so he can take apart for further inspection. Thank You
Thank author of this post/comment"teachers husband[repair man]"

I have x-acto model#41 and I need to replace the small drive which connects to drive motor. I also need diagram showing assembly for this model.The unit was purchased at the beginning of this school year and the student load use is 14. It should have never gone bad, is there a warreny on these units???

I bought a brand new Elmer's electric pencil sharperner, Desktop, 6 holes, Model 167X. I used it to sharpened my students pencil once a week since September. It is early December the the sharpener wouldn't work. I plugged it into an electric outlet and it just wouldn't sharpen. No power. I have tried everything, including opening up the bottom piece to look inside. Nothing looks burned. However, I don't know what part(s) I would need to replace. The blade is still sharp and new. Please help.

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Mike O.



I have an x acto 167x

the safety plastic tab on the cup broke off (kids!) so it will not work

where can I find a replacement?

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Dave Freeman


where can I find an electic motor for an X-acto model 41 pencil sharpener?
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Theresa Baber


I need the canister to collect shaving for my Xacto pencil sharpener. I think a child threw it away accidently when emptying it. My shapener came from Office Max it is the Xacto School Pro desktop sharpener.

Need new roller blades for XACTO School Pro Model 167X.

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paul gordey


Need the tray for X-Actro Model 1744. Where can I get one to replace my broken tray.
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Theresa Baber


I need to find the plastic tub to catch shaving for my X acto school pro electric sharpener. I think a student threw mine away.
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"X-ACTO powerhouse Model 1792"

"repair man"

need a new blade for x-acto 167x electric pencil sharpen, where to find.
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Carol W

"homeschooling Mom :-)"

I have an X-Acto Model 18 electric pencil sharpener that I need a shavings cup for. I dropped it, and since the cup is broken, the sharpener won't work. (It does work if I stick something in the hole in the sensor space where the cup goes...does that make sense?)

Carol W

"pencil sharpener"

I am looking for the white plastic gear fot a hunt boston model 17 sharpener.
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burlington wi
Thank author of this post/comment"parts for school pro model 167x x-acto"

I have a school pro with a fried motor. It was in the garbage till i saw this forum. I don't know if any one wants any parts off it. free. I don't know how this site works for comunication.
Thank author of this post/comment"Just "fixed" x-acto school pro 167x"

quick background on sharpener, bought at goodwill for 2.99, plugged it in and it wouldn't turn on. tried the troubleshooting page for this model at x-acto here (can't post so "google x-acto model 167x not working" without quotes).

still didn't work. so this is what i did:

1. unplugged from outlet

2. removed tray

3. turned upside down and removed three phillips screws from base to remove base

4. removed two phillips screws to remove machine from outer casing

5. there should be a metal clip and plastic lever jamming a button to the left of hole where the pencils go in. it might fall out when you take it apart, most likely the plastic pivot that was holding it in place has worn. take both pieces out (the metal clip is v shaped and the plastic clip is about an 1inch in length and .25in diameter)

6. At this point reassemble in reverse order and when you plug it in it will turn on without placing a pencil into it.

this is because the button that the lever/clip were jamming is no longer in place. normally a pencil would move the clip away from the button to turn it on, when you pulled out the pencil the clip would push the lever into the button to turn the sharpener back off.

7. now you have the options of:

a) leaving the sharpener plugged in and pulling out the tray so that the safety piece does not turn it on

b) plug and unplug sharpener as necessary

c) buy a two dollar on/off switch to plug the sharpener into

if you really want a permanent fix then go back to number 5 and you should see where the plastic pivot has worn. use a tiny screw in the place of the lever pivot or use a small drop of solder. me im fine with number seven options...hope this helps

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 43 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: pencil sharpener by xacto parts archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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