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leshya foster

lost combination to sentry 1250

lost the combination to my sentry 1250 safe,

serial number Z319992.

thank you for any help.

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Barry Britt

I have a Sentry 1250 safe and have lost the combination. What do I do.
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Wendy Armstrong

I have lost the combination to my safe, Sentry model 1250 Serial # 2447998. Thank you!!
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Ryan Asri

I lost the combo to my sentry 1250 safe the serial # is 2547426
Thank author of this post/commentCan't remember my combination to my sentry 1250. How dod I get in it?

"no combination!"

hi, recently aqired a setry 1250 safe that is locked but OPEN. was hoping to get sum help with the combination, (it has so key lock) the only number i could find is onn the side, that is 2697409. thanks for any help you can give, matt.
"Lost Combination"

Have a sentry 1250 safe no combination. have serial number. can anyone tell

me how to find the combination.

link 5828

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Madeleine Beaudet

"Sentry 1250 # 4281102"

I lost my No... to open the safe....

i have a # but does not open.... is it one turn to the right one compte to the left and to the right^

Thank you to find me a no and explain me how to open it.


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al detlor

"centry1250 safe"

lost the combination to my safe centry 1250 pleas help

thanks al


I have a sentry 1250 and I forgot the combination. the serial number is 4008096. can you please help






"need combanation"

i got a safe and i need the combanation iit is a fire safe sentry 1250.the number is 2040925
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"Help with lost combination."

Lost the combo for my sentry 1250 serial #4448884. pulled it out of storage after 7 years and it was locked. I cant remember the password.
"Locked Combo inside safe"

Foolishly locked the combination inside the safe. Can you help me out with the combo?

Serial #: 469-7563

Reply # 88

Diane Doust

"wife and owner of Sentry Safe"

My husband A.R. Doust purchased a Sentry Safe probably around 1999. He was the only one who used it. He passed away recently. I have found the three numbers to the combination, but not the directions to use them. It is a 1250 and maybe the serial # is Z319992???? Can you help me open it? Thanks so much. Also, I have not contacted my bank to see if anyone there can help me.

We live in north central Washington State and in a very small community.


I forgot the combination to my model 1250. The serial# is 4553934
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Joseph Shields

"lost combinations"

I have a Sentry 1250 SN 3023665 forgot the combinations please help thank you

my wife took comb to safe when she left 2 mon ago sentry1250 #2693532492 please help
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"Misplaced my combo"

Have a Sentry 1250 ( Serial # 2810136 ) need the combo ...Had my safe in storage for 2 years while stationed overseas. Can anyone help me ? thanks
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richard keates

"sentry 1250"

i have lost the code for my sentry 1250 serial 599579 can you help thanks richard!!!
Reply # 94

sara probst


one of my family has passed away they had a sentry safe no combination can be found can u help me
"lost combo to sentry 1250 safe"

lost the combo to my safe, its a sentry 1250, can you please get me the combination serial #3633950
Reply # 96

Claudia LaBode

"forgot combination for safe"

I have an old sentry safe when we moved we lost combination there is no key to this safe model# sollo Serial# W-591784 If you could get back to me with the combination it will be well appreciated. Thank You
Thank author of this post/comment"Lost Combo Please Help. Lots of Valuables! "

I have a Sentry 1250 Safe, the Serial number is Z 231980.

Please email me the combo!

Thank author of this post/comment"did any one get a combination to the sentry 1250?"

I read all these posts, and I was wondering, did any one get a combination to the sentry 1250?

No one has come back to say thanks. What did you all end up doing?

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Des Moines, Iowa

Gold Member
Thank author of this post/comment"Sentry"

Sentry provides the combinations... you just need to pay their fee and make the notarized statement. People are unhappy because they want it for free and with no effort.
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 99 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: lost combination to sentry 1250 archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.


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