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Open Major Safe with no combo

Thank author of this post/commentI have purchased a major safe that is open, I dont know what the combination is. Can I reset the combination myself or do I need a locksmith? can anyone tell me what the manufacture combo is? maybe it is still the same. The serial # is 97826 and the model # is HH5E.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Tom W

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Randy Miller

"president Miller Electric Inc"

I have a Major safe 23 1/4" deep, 25 3/4" wide, 28 3/4" tall. No model number but the serial # is A235730. How can I open it and destroy it? Thanks Randy
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i have a deluxe floor safe, model E, sn#1336, we have lost the combination and would also like to know the value and age of the safe.
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jason miller

"lost combo tomajor safe ser#f57461"

hello my uncle has had this safe for many years and pastaway and no one in the family ca remember the combo is ther any way of finding that out?thanks alot jason miller

I have a Major safe model CL3 with no cominbations. Serial number 104214 and 104215....does anyone have the factory combination for this serial number? Thanks!



I have a Major safe Model 1712 Serial 194433 that is locked and have no combination. This safe was given to me by someone who had it in their store. They had purchased a new one and had lost the combo to this one. What is the best way to get into it?



"flloor safe"

I have purched a home after pulling the old carpet I found a floor safe. The serial # is 84147 and the model # is 5200. It is a combination safe and I would appriciate if you tell me how I can open it and use it.

Thank You,



Purchased a used Entertainer coach five years ago found a Major safe sn#010207 would like to open and use if you can help with combination.
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Jenna Phuong Ho


My parent bought a house with a Major Safe Inc floor safe, serial No. S79667 and we don't know combination. We would like to open and use the safe. Any help would be great. Thank you.
"combination is not working after 30 years"

I have a 30 + year old Major safe which I purchased;

I have the combination -

I have used the safe for those 30 + years but the last two times I have needed to open it it either won't open at all or takes more than 30 minutes to get it to open.

What to do?

I 'heard' that Major Safe was bought out by another company and is therefore no longer in business. Is that accurate?

Since I have encountered this problem I have read that after years the

tumbler needs to be serviced - either cleaned or reset. I never knew that.

Maybe that will solve the problem. The safe can't be moved to be serviced, however!

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John Chalupa


I have a safe SPEC F2ND number 4Y172806 HHM Safe and the combination turns and if turned backwards will unlock safe, but does not lock so I need a combination to open...Do in need a new lock? how do I re-set combination so it will lock?



"Major Safe"

I recently bought a house with a Major Safe Model - 1728

Series - 46153 I'd love to be able to use the safe. Any help would be great.


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I have a Major safe tubular floor, dia. top opener is 7 inch, total dia. is 8.5; is no model #.

Serial # 7688; any help to open ?

Thank you

"Major save C625CC lost combo"

This is a safe that was in the house when it was purchased,

Model# C625CC

Ser# 96075

Just wondering if you can give me the try-out combo for it to see if that works? And the sequence for this model?

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Thom Jones

"Major Safe # 69768 in need of Numbers"

I also have misplaced the combination to my Major Safe Ser. # 69768.

And request the numbers that would secure it, as before.

Thom J.

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Timothy Gardiner

"gardiiner safe"

cant get my safe to open ser#42025 major safe it was not in use for long time need help



"open safe"

i have a floor safe open serial#81654 it does not move the locks when i line them up.can you help.
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Hi I have a Major safe with no combinatin or key. Is there a way to reset it or a manufacturer combo?


i have meilink safe on floor.

its S/N --> 82-77715 and model # N503C

is any body know the combination and key for that safe

if any body know the factory code that also help ful

thank you

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John Harmon


I have the combination to my Major safe (Model No. 1712, Serial No. 178631). It worked for a while, but then it stopped working. In fact, the handle broke off when I tried to open it once. I've opened it using pliers, but even that doesn't work now. Any ideas on how to open it?
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richard lockerby


safe locked wife doesn't remember combo. what is the protocol to get combo, can it be changed?

major safe company inc.

ul fire rated # A362463

model # 1712

s/n # F43109

Thank author of this post/comment"lost combination"

I can't find the combination for my Major Safe. Serial # 041621. Can you help?
Thank author of this post/comment"need help from a pro"

I bought a Major floor safe and it did not bring any codes please need some help model 2016 serial f35571
Thank author of this post/comment"Major model #4280"

I have an old Major safe model number 4280 and serial number 213805. Does anyone know the combination?
Thank author of this post/comment"old Major safe"

Anyone in Daytona that knows how to get into a old Major safe that we lost the combo for?

Its a honest request, we have the safe at home, and I know its empty, its just we can remember where the combo is. I think we put the combo in the safe for safe keeping and forgot it. Really. I know, dumb, but just fessing up.

Thank author of this post/comment"Did you get it open?"

I was wondering if the first guy in this tread got his safe open?

That was a good message with the 4 turns to open trick. Makes me worried about my bank's big vault!

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 100 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Open Major Safe with no combo archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.


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